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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Washington, DC

The first production of an award winning play is casting NON UNION actors. Please send headshots and resumes ASAP to Myles J. Franklin and Charise Sowells here: and to be scheduled for an audition.

AUDITION LOCATION: Bonifant Theatre Space – 929 Bonifant Street Silver
Spring, MD 20910

TIME OF AUDITION: 7-10pm, Friday evening, 4/29/2011 and 12-3, Saturday afternoon, 4/30/2011

SHOW INFO: June 18th and 19th, 4pm in DC

TITLE: (562) – Written By: Charise Sowells

SYNOPSIS: After spending two years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Phoenix reenters the real world only to discover he’s more alone than ever. Dealing with race dynamics and the crystal meth
epidemic in Long Beach, California, this is the story of a young multiracial man figuring out who he is and how he fits into the world around him.

Male/ Multiracial (Black and white) / 23 – 25
Role: Phoenix
Description: A strong, intelligent man, newly released from prison, finding his way in the real world again

Female/ Caucasian/ 40 – 50
Role: Chimay
Description: A single white mother burdened by hardship and an empty nest, struggling with money and alcohol

Female / Caucasian / 18 – 21
Role: Marcy
Description: A sassy, young blonde once full of potential, dreaming of more but lacking the drive or know how to pursue change

Male / Hispanic / 23 – 25
Role: Ivan
Description: Hispanic, intelligent, ex-gang member that narrowly escaped prison growing up and in the process of turning his life around is seeking enrollment in I.T. trade schools

Male / Multiracial (Samoan and Black) / 50 – 53
Role: Samo
Description: An obese meth chef with a cause fueled by crackpot conspiracies and deep seeded wisdom

Male / Caucasian/ 40 – 45
Role: Mike
Description: Owner of the local dive bar, an honorable man just trying to run a good business

Male / African American / 60 – 65
Role: Richard
Description: A good man with a strong but lonely presence, he could have and should have been the first black president. Shackled by the bottle he has long since lost the desire to fight it.

Male / Caucasian
Role: Johnny
Description: Half of a duo of regulars at Mike’s bar

Male / Caucasian
Role: Dave
Description: The other half of a duo of regulars at Mike’s bar

Casting Location: Washington, DC
Contact email:

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