Disney Channel and Disney XD Auditions – open casting call


Disney Channel Auditions 2012 / 2011

This is an official Disney Channel / Disney XD casting call

The following is a list of Disney / Disney XD shows that they may be casting for: Jessie, Pair of Kings, Gulliver Quinn, Shake It Up, SWAC: So Random, Ant Farm, Kickin’ It,  Good Luck Charlie,  The Little Leftover Witch, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie 2, and they are also casting for Disney Channel Original Movies that will be coming up in 2012.

Disney Channel and Disney XD has a open casting call scheduled for July 2011. Every now and then the Disney Channel holds open calls for new child talent, this is one of those times.  Disney Channel is looking for talented kids and teens 10 to 18 years of age.  Disney Channel and Disney XD are seeking kids who can act sing and dance for consideration to be cast in one of their current shows or new projects.

The Disney Channel / Disney XD casting call will take place in Richmond Virginia and is open to all U.S. residents whether they live in Virginia or not. Most Disney Channel shows are cast through agents in Los Angeles.  Disney Open casting calls, such as this one,  are held all over the U.S. and sometimes even internationally. They allow talented youngsters without agents to be seen by Disney Casting Directors.

Disney is interested in kids with comedic ability and singing / dancing experience – Judy Taylor, Disney’s senior president of casting and talent said “We are always on the lookout for young talent and the opportunity to help make their dreams come true. This official open casting call offers the chance for participants to showcase their comedic acting ability and/or singing and dancing experience to our representatives for consideration in upcoming series and movies produced for Disney Channel and Disney XD.”

Disney Open Call

July 9, 2011

9 AM to 3 PM

The Greater Richmond Convention Center
403 N. 3rd Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Parking at the convention center is available for a small fee.

A monologue will be provided at the audition – This casting call does not guarantee a job – This is an opportunity for young actors , actresses, singers and dancers to be seen by Disney casting directors to be considered for existing and upcoming shows.

There are no fees to attend the Disney open casting call other than parking (if you need it)

Update for May 2012

The Official Disney Channel Auditions for 2012  have been announced – Click Here

You may be interested in other auditions for kids

141 thoughts on “Disney Channel and Disney XD Auditions – open casting call

  1. james

    This will be the greatest thing ever if I get this moment and my mom will be so proud of me.

  2. Hayley Lawson

    Hi! My name is Hayley and I love singing, dancing, and acting. I can do basic gymnastic and acro tricks. Being on Disney is my dream and I hope to pursue it. Thank you!

  3. Lucy Di Benedetto

    Hi, I love kickin’ it and I would love to be an actress on disney xd 😀 I am from England (UK). Please contact me through my email, Thank you! 😀

  4. Adel Williams

    Hi, My name is Adel Williams. I am a 12 year old and I’d like to be an actor on Disney XD. From Brampton Ontario Canada and I’m great at acting. I also like to act in comedy/action shows. Please contact me through email.

  5. Jazmine Conner

    Hi. My name is jasmine and I am 14 years old. I love to sing and I want to make a group with my friends. Their names are kelsi , ishawana, Asseel and me except we all live in Arlington, Virginia. I hope you can tell me at my email.
    Thank You .

  6. Ryan wade

    I want to be an successful actress. Is there auditions in Pennsylvania near Winfield? let me now ASAP please!!

  7. Taliyah and Alayah Ayers

    Hey if there are any auditions for identical twins please hit us up, we live in Rantoul IL and were 14 years old.

  8. Shad

    I am happy to be booked at any Disney channel audition, especially Jessie.

  9. Shad

    By the way I forgot that I can sing, act, and dance a little, contact please!

  10. Shad

    Is there any Disney audition on college station, Texas? If so please contact me if you are interested, here is some information about me;
    Location:college station,TX
    Height:4′ 9″
    Body type:Thin
    Hair:Dark Brown

  11. Kelly Alfred mdemu

    Hi my name is Kelly Alfred I’m 12 Years old. Can I please audition for Ant farm,Jessie and Good luck Charlie. Oh I can sing, act and model.

  12. doria

    hey my name is Doria, and I really love acting. I would love to act on jessie and good luck charlie!

  13. Christopher Sopper

    Hay, my name is Chris and I don’t have much to say. I am really funny and I would love to audition for kickin it.

  14. haley morgan

    hi, my name is Haley, there is not much to say ,except I have the passion and drive to entertain. I love acting and dancing. I love to make people smile. I just love to preform for people. I love to entertain! It would be amazing if you could give me this chance and I know you would not regret it. I do have experience, I did hairspray the musical , beauty and the beast the musical. I was in a short film called George Biddle CPA. I have danced for 6 years in hip hop, jazz and other styles. This would also be an amazing project to work with. Anyways, I would love to further my career and hope this is the path to do so, if you would have me:)

  15. Layne

    sorry!! this one is my real e-mail I promise
    THANKS!! :):)

  16. Layne

    Hi!!! My name is Layne and I love to be crazy! This year in the fifth grade, I am in drama. If I was selected to be on ANY television show… I would take that opportunity and follow my dreams!! Also in fourth grade, I was chosen for the chorus they have there… but I decided not to do it. Why?…I don’t know. But this year in fifth grade I got a letter asking me if I would like to be in chorus. I chose acting anyway. I promise it is my life!! 🙂

  17. Syria

    Hey! My name is Syria and I would like to know if there is any auditions in Woodbridge Ontario for 2013 because I love acting, singing and dancing. It would mean a lot if you can get back to me.

  18. lauren

    hair colour:brown
    eye colour:green

  19. Hadiza

    My name is Hadiza and I live in Virginia. 11 years old. I want to be on good luck charlie.

  20. pascale

    I really want to be on Disney channel. This have always been my dream and I hope my dream comes true. I want to be like miley cirus, selena gomez or demi lovato.

  21. marcela

    I was wondering if there’s auditions in Atlanta Georgia.

  22. marcela

    My name is Marcela and I am 13 years old. My favorite tv show is shake it up. I want an opportunity to be in Disney. Could you please come to Atlanta Georgia so that I can try to be in Disney. I am a great dancer. I sing and I am also a great actress. Please come to ga. thank you for reading this.

  23. TrayvelPatterson

    it doesn’t matter if it’s DisneyXD or Disney Channel

  24. TrayvelPatterson

    Hello my name is Trayvel Patterson. i was wondering if there was any auditoins in Rochester Ny or in Buffalo Ny.

  25. naomi

    My passion is to act if i don’t then I feel there’s apart of me that is missing. I am 11 years old,but i turn 12 on November 30! I live in a small town that you probley dont know about it is is Dumas,TX. I am a very upbeat person,i always have a smile on my face,and i am pretty smart! Some say i have a really good singing voice too! I weight 95-98lbs. I am 5”2 so i’m kinda tall. I have one little brother,2 loving parents,and roof over my head! doing this career would really help. Any disney channel show will do! So if you have any open auditions left please contact me. You can also call me! Just send me an e-mail and i’ll send you my number! Thank you for taking up your time to read this and i hope hear from you soon!!! 🙂

  26. Jacqueline

    Hi my name is Jacqueline. I really want to be on Jessie so bad to help my family out. Please, I love the show.

  27. karla

    Hi my name is Karla Perez;I am a very nice, positive, smart, crazy, and outgoing person. I’m not just that but also a person who is concentrated on important things. I’m from Wheatland, California. I live in a small house with my caring parents and with my 2 brothers.(one of them is 21 the other is 9.) I really want an opportunity to participate in Disney XD because I enjoy acting and I want a chance to show people what I love doing. My parents have faith in me they would support me all the time and it’s something that I really appreciate. I am 12 yrs. Old, I am 5″ 6″, I weigh 135 lbs.
    Questions:(you’d probally ask)
    Q:What do you inspire the most in Disney XD?
    A: I inspire the shows a lot because it has a lot of action and comedy into the shows.
    Q:What show do you most admire?
    A: To tell the truth I admire Kickin it. I really enjoy the comedy and not just me my whole family does but we watch it in Spanish because our family is Mexican and proud to be. I’d love to be in kickin it I would be soo pleased.
    Q: What talents do you have?
    A: I can dance,(BIG TIME!) and I can act.
    Q: Are you shy to act?
    A: yes,but it don’t mean I have to quit and every time I act something out in front of my family I don’t mess up at all I just pretend there not there.

    I hope you guys understand how much I need this. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity and I hope this opportunity doesn’t fail. If you have any questions please e-mail me.

  28. Armando

    Do you know about the auditions happening in the United Kingdom? please if you know tell me

  29. Marcus

    Hi My name is Marcus Harper I’m 16 years old I was wondring is there an audition for disney channel audition in los angeles ?

  30. yanderi sequera

    hola a todos me llamo yanderi sequera tengo 15 años y soy de venezuela, Aunque este lejos de USA quisiera que me dieran la oportunidad de entrar y realizar un casting de actuacion. Se cantar y mas que todo actuar muy bien hasta lloro de mentiras sin dificultad alguna jajaja. POR FAVOR denme la oportunidad de probarle a mi madre y a mi familia que yo puedo lograr lo que me propongo.

  31. Anahi

    Hi! My name is Anahi I am 13 years old and don’t have any experience with acting but I had auditioned for diseny channel and I got called back. I had got a $500 doller scholership and I had to come up with $5000 that same day they called me back but couldn’t so all my dreams disappear. Now that I see all these ads about auditioning for diseny channel I want to live my dream and be an actor. And I would like to see if there will be any auditions in Austin texas and if there is can you pelese contact me. Thank you ????????????

    1. casting

      Disney does not charge to audition or have scholarships. That was most likely a scam and you are lucky you did not pay.

  32. Beatrice Tepp

    Can anyone tell me time date and place for the one in Stevens point Wisconsin??????????

  33. Shay

    Hi i am a experienced model and actor and i would love to act in disney channel

  34. Gio

    Hello. My name is gio and i am interested in any casting calls for disney channel in la. I am 12 years old and sadly i have not had any experience in acting nor speaking in front of an audience but hopefully this career might actually teach me to be more self confident. Other than that, i am passionate. So please notify me for any casting calls for disney channel in la… Especially jessie! Thanks.

  35. patel

    hi i would love to be on disney channel
    about me
    hight: 5″ 6″
    wight 95
    age 13
    thanke=s x)

  36. Victoria

    I`m looking for auditions in Toronto or in Canada. I`m 14 in high school grade 9. I`m 5`1 and weight 87 pounds.

  37. Parmida

    Hi! My name is Parmida, im a 12 year old girl who loves to dance and sing! Its my dream to be on the television! If my dream came true i would be so happy! I would challenge myself to get better and better! It has been my dream to be famous since I was a little girl! I live in sweden, but i want become famous in america! I want to come to the audition, do you have to notify me first or can I just get into the audition?

  38. Elena

    Hello my name is Elena i am in 6th grade and live in toronto can you please contact me if there are any Auditions for Toronto or anywhere in that area?? THANK YOU 🙂

  39. candy arias

    well hey my name is candy i am 13 years old i live in long beach california, i am super talented i am a cheerleader,i know how to do mostly anything.! if you guys have any auditions coming up any where pleace email me i will travel any where to show you guys what i am good at pleace.!!! ;]

  40. Madison

    Hey Disney channel!
    my name is madison and im an outgoing energetic 14 year old girl who would love to have any sort of show or commercial on disney. Ive played many roles in a number of different plays and my dream just like everyone else is to be on tv but ive worked so hard to do everything i can. If thereare any auditions in the Toronto, ON Canada region please let me know 🙂 thanks

  41. Diamond Trotter

    Hi my name is diamond i love to dance sang and much more im only 12 years old And model for john casablancas

  42. Diamond Trotter

    Hi My name is Diamond I am 12 years old and model for john casblancas which is in Nashville,Tn brentwood..I Love to dance and sing I’ve Also Audition In The Audition Comp. Known As The Event..But That didnt work out so well so I would like to try something new!

  43. Arianna

    Hi! my name is arianna Banks and i’ll be 13 in october(can pass for 13-15)
    i live in Syracuse NY and i love to sing and joke around, im VERY out going!
    i think i would be perfect for Disney channel because i love all the shows and i would be happy on any one.
    Name: Arianna Carlynn Banks
    Ethentcity: Half African/ Half White.
    Height: 5 foot 7
    Weight: 135
    Hair Color: Black/Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Notes: i have a Sense of humor and my laugh is uncontrollable and it could make other people laugh Insteltly.

  44. jordann

    Heyy, My name is jordan and im a 14 year old girl. (Can pass as 14-16) Okay well ilove to sing and act. Ive been singing ever since like 2nd grade. and have been in choir since iwas in 3rd grade. People say i do have a model material because iam 5’11, blondeish hair, light brown eyes. Ihave a fun, bubbly, laid back personality. So its always been my dream to be on tv and sing/act. Also whens the next auditiond in dallas,tx for 2012? kk thanks:)

  45. Tionne

    Hi my name is Tionne.I would love to be on disney channel. I love to play different characters off disney channel in my spare time.I love the new programme Jessie.I would do anything to be on disney channel,when I’m older I want to be an actress on disney channel.I’m going to have my headshot taken today. Name: Tionne
    eye colour:brown
    Hair colour:black
    Height:4 ft 5 thank you for your time.

  46. Bryn Nordmark

    Hello , My name is Bryn Nordmark. I have been interested in acting ever since i was a little girl. I am very outgoing and bubbly and love trying new things. I am 14 years old currently living in Canada, but am willing to travel for auditions. Im very hardworking and willing to do whatever you have open for me. I am 5’4 , blonde with blueish greenish eyes. I want to make a difference and show people that anyone can follow their dreams.. because my dream is becoming an actress.

  47. Nikki

    Hi my name is Nikki. My friends tell me I am a great actress. I am 11 years old, but i can look the ages 11-13. I can really act. It would be an honor to be on disney or disney xd. That would be my dream!! 🙂 i love disney so much, but that’s not the reason im typing this. I’m typing because i am such a good actress, i think. please please I’m begging you to help me become an actress. 😀

  48. Jake Cooper

    Dear Sir/Mrs

    My name is jake cooper I’am 12 years old and I love Disney Channel and Disney XD i’am very funny and I’am a talented performer. I make friends easily and i have won 6 dance competitions also i have been in many productions and Plays. I have joined a drama group which is really talented. Thank You for reading my comment and contact me if Disney has an Open Audition in the U.K. if not in America. GoodBye
    Jake Cooper

  49. dee ikj

    does anyone know if there are any disney auditions for 2012 in toronto, Canada. I really need to know. I’m 16 and i love to act

  50. Megan

    hey!! Have you got any Auditions in UK?
    And If i get on i will be very very Happy!
    Ill make all you agents and disney People who own(Dan)
    So Proud Of Me!

  51. sergianni

    hii:) my name is sergianni and i love act and dance there lovly to doo if yoou pick mi contact me. i live in curacao i think you didint heard from it but its beutiful and i dream to be on disney channel shows , to be acting by the stars of disney i you just could give me a chance just one i will make you guys very proud ….only one 🙂

  52. Katiepaige Richards

    Hey my name is Katiepaige Richards. Some things about me are:
    Height: 5ft, 1in.
    Weight: 95-100 pounds
    DOB: June 28, 1999
    Sports I have played/still play: Softball, Horseback Riding/Showing Horses, Karate, Ballet, and Gymnastics.
    Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Piano, and Violin.
    The TV show I would mostly want to be on is Kickin It. I can act. I have been in several plays.
    If I could audition for Kickin Fitz that would be such an honor to me and my family.

  53. Katiepaige Richards

    Hey my name is Katiepaige Richards. I am turning 13 on June 28. Some things about me are:
    Height: 5ft, 1in.
    Weight: 95-100 pounds
    DOB: June 28, 1999

  54. Brianna Martinez

    Hey, my name is Brianna Martinez I am 12 years old. I weigh 112 pounds, and I’m 5’2. I would love to be on tv! It look fun to meet new people and just act. I am a really nice, funny, and good girl. In school I get good grades, and I am on the honor roll every year. I think that acting would be good for me:) thank you.

  55. Rosie Cronin

    Will there be any auditions in the UK? I just love acting and I do it at my school and it would just be an amazing experience. I’m 14 on March the 17th

  56. Katherine Billing

    Hi, I really love Shake it up and it’s been my dream to be a character since the first episode. I always dance to your shows and I try to dance as good as you. I really want to get a job on the show like being a main character like Rocky and Cece. I will be dancing till you respond. If you can email me at keeb814@gmail.com that would be great. On the email tell me when the audition is and where it is.

    Katherine!!!! 🙂

  57. helen

    hi i am a talented dancer and singer and actress. i was chosen for my local talent show! i want auditions…

  58. sophia

    Hey my name is sophia and im a singer and dancer and me and my friend Juliana wants to audition my friend Juliana is a great singer and also me i guess well i can dance

  59. Noah

    Hey my name is Noah Adams and I feel you should bring auditions to either St.Johns Newfoundland Canada or GrandFalls-Windsor Newfoundland Canada. I know lots of people who are very talented and deservie their big break. also i would like an audion. please take this into consideration thak you. 🙂

  60. Irwin Prince

    I am a very talented person who has a great deal of ambition and strives to accomplish my goals. I have strong leadership skills and a ton of energy to work. I also have strong organizational skills and ability to work in a team and also know that I could highlight multiple areas of my talent to work. I would greatly appreciate this opportunity.

  61. Selena Morquecho

    Hello my name is Selena Morquecho i wannt to be an actrees please help me give to me an opportunity please i have talent i am just waitnig for thah=t opportunity you can give to me please i know how act i know how do that because i have the talent please help me please please dont broke my dream just help me my dreams came tru please
    sincerelly: Selena Morquecho . 🙂

  62. kate

    so please if you could send a email back it would be really greatful to me thanks….

  63. kate

    My name is kate i am 14 years old i have always wanted to be on disney channel, i can sing, act and dance but i live the uk but i really really would like to audition for disney channel and this would just be a dream come true…. love from kate xxx

  64. lori

    hi, my name is lori i live PA. LOVE disney .i want to audition for disney.I sing,model and act. if you would send me and emailz back that would be so wonderful. And it does not matter where the audition is. so emaily back(:
    Name- Lori Anne Parmeter
    Age- 12 years old {look and act older}
    favorite show-Disney channel and Disney XD
    I would be so so so greatful if i got a rolez on Disney Channel or Disney XD!!!:)
    Please emailz me if you now any auditions coming in 2012(:xxxxxxxxxxx
    thanks xx
    Email Please;)

  65. alexandra

    hey Im Alexandra Parmeter but My friends call me either Alli or Alex. i live in PA and I love Disney i would like to be on disney channel. i dance,act and sing and model. so if you would send me an emailz back tht would be so great and doesnt matter where the auditions is i can travel.
    Info About Meeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Name: Alexandra Marie Parmeter
    Age:12 years old (act and look older)
    Weight :98pounds
    Fav Tv Channels – Disney XD and Disney channel
    I would be sooooooo happy if i got a role on Disney XD or Disney channel !!!Please if u know of any auditions let me know 🙂 xxxxxxxx
    thanks so much,Alexandra
    emailz please(:

  66. kate

    hello, i am 14 and have always went to be a disney actress, i can sing, dance and act i would love to be on one of the disney channel movie and if this happened to me it will be the best thing that has ever happened in my like, but i live in the UK though but if this ever happened it will make my dreams come true thanks 🙂 xx

  67. Anonymous

    Hi. I was wondering if there were any casting calls in Florida. I would love to be on ant farm because I am the right age.(11 years old, going on 12) and I love that show please let me know. Thanks! Oh, and i can also sing, dance, act and model.

  68. Samantha Emswiler

    I’m 18 years old, I graduate sometime next month. I would like to know more about the disney channel auditions. Please E-mail me with more information.
    Thank you.

  69. Amber Jane

    Hey I am Amber Jane but My friends call me either AJ or amber and I live in the UK and I love Disney Channel My Fav Shows are My baby sitters a Vampire, Shake It Up,Wizards of waverly place and Good Luck Charlie I’d lovee to be on good luck charlie or my babysitters a vampire because they are my top favs and on disney XD my fav shows are Kickin It and Pair Of Kings I’d lovee to be on one of them

    Info About Mee !! x

    Namee – Amber Jane Kelly x
    Agee – 13 Years Old x
    Height – Not suree :/ x
    Weight – Again not sure :/ x
    Fav Tv Channels – Disney Channel and Disney XD x

    I’d Be soooo GREATFUL if i got a role in either of the Tv Channels above Soo Please if u know of any auditions in the UK let me know xx

    Yours Truthfully,

    Amber Janee Kelly xxxxxx

  70. judithyana

    Hi its judithyana are they any auditons in brooklyn i am very talented and can dance very well and can sing a little please contact me at judithyana@aol.com thank you

  71. Judithyana

    hi its judithyana i would love to be in a show i could dance and could sing a little i would want to be in a show are there some auditions in brooklyn

  72. Rachel Brennan

    Is there any auditions near philadelphia or anywhere near there.I have always wanted to be on diney channel since I was littl but I can’t seem to find any.

  73. Sydney

    There is A LOT of talent in Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR area. DISNEY NEEDS TO GET UP HERE ASAP.

  74. Megan

    Hi,Im 11 years of age can you you contact me if there are any auditions for ANT Farm In The UK, I am Talented Dancer I’ve Danced since i was 3 years of age and i can sing so i was hoping i can play talented Abby Daniella Monet 🙂
    You May See me At The Auditions 🙂

  75. maya

    My name is Maya I’m 12 and African American, I love acting,drawing,activities, and have fun I have a wild taste of fashion and ive also been in the American mall model search I made it to second base and it was fun I wanted to be a actress since I was in 3 rd grade I’m short and skinny and take any chance I getter I want to be on Disney channel

  76. alanis

    Hey im alanis and i was just curious, will they be any auditions in 2012 on disney channel in richmond VA. And if so can i have more info. on it.Thanks and you could contact me at priddygirl99@yahoo.com

  77. Anagha

    Hi, i am 11 years old and contact me if there are any auditions coming up near richmond, virginia. I take dance lessons, am an ok singer, and knows how to act averagly. So, just email me, and you just might see me there at the auditions. 🙂

  78. jessica

    Hi. Are there any auditions in Seattle,WA for new Disney Channel shows for lead roles? If so, please email me!

  79. Alex

    i rlly want to b a singer/actor. this is the perfect chance. i live in atlanta georgia and i wanted to know when there would b auditions here. plz reply im desprate

  80. Geneesha

    hey i live in toronto, with a big acting dream! i won some drama awards and i would love to get on a television show! When are auditions coming to toronto!

  81. Isaiah Batlett

    Hello my name is Isaiah Berryhill Bartlett, I’m Fourteen years old, I was born in Juneau, Alaska, now I live in Potsdam, New York, I am 5’7, I have light brown hair, and bluish green eyes, and I am Caucasian I have high standards towards acting, my talents are Singing, Dancing, and Drawing, I am the youngest out of seven, but one of the most outgoing, people say I am very unique and animated, my friends and family also say that I’m very entertaining and the life of the party, I have been in many musicals, and a movie that was in theater’s called Dissection of an Olive. Written and directed by Summer Dorr. I work well with others and learn my rolls quick and easily, I can play any role that is given to me and I have a lot of experience to draw from within my lifetime up to this point. I will be grateful for the opportunity for an audition, and look forward to hearing from you. Thank-you for your time and consideration.
    Isaiah B. Bartlett

  82. Taryn Chriswell - Jackson

    Hi I’m Taryn. I’ve acted in various school plays since Kindergarten and I think it’s time to expand my talent farther than school or community plays. I’ve loved to watch Disney my whole life, but now I want to be on Disney or Disney XD. I’m not picky so either one will work for me. I can act great, sing great, and dance great. I’m 12 and ready. Thank you for reading.

  83. jonathan

    hi my name is jonathan ive bine acting for 3yrs and am looking to audition for disney so if anyone knows about disney auditions in newyork let me know pleas i could play any part you throw at could be an adult a kid a teen etc …. so if any auditions pleas let me know

  84. Ajay nunez

    Hi i am from victor valley and i am a 14 year old male who likes to act i can play any part that you trow at me. i look like i am 16 or 17 i also can rap but i prefer to act. i moved from Chicago to pursue my dreams of acting.

  85. Molly Lanaway

    Hi im an eleven year old girl and i would reely love to audition for one of your shows but i live in the united kingdom and my family can not realy afford for me to come to the u.s. and all my life i have wanted to be an actress since the moment i saw disney channel i thought that most of them are american or live somewere i woul love to go and see the sights please get back to me if you can 🙂 thanks!

  86. Aarman

    Hi My Name Is Aarman. I Am 9 Years Old I Look Like (12 & 13) Years Old. I Would Like To Audition For Nickelodeon,Disney Channel,Disney XD And Cartoon Network. I Am A Very Good Actor. I Am A Boy. So I Am Ready To Follow My Dreams Of Becoming A Very Successful Actor. I Live In Salt Lake City But I Am Willing To Move My Location For Tv Shows & Movies. Please Feel Free To Contact Me By Email About Upcoming Auditions soon or in 2012. Thanks!

  87. Sassy

    is there ever going to be auditions in the uk i live near machester and leeds and i carnt exactly afford to go over to america just for a audition becuase you never know if your going to get it or not,aswell we do have good talent like gregg suklin and we have rpatz and there good actors?

  88. kailea dillon

    I am a six year old girl with an identical twin sissy and we would love to be on tv we are taking classes with John Robert powers right now and love Disney please contact us if there is auditions in the Mississippi or Louisiana area

  89. Angela

    My name is Angela and I am 12 years old.(I look 13 or 14.) im interested in auditioning for anything at this point. I have worked a lot on my acting and singing skills, practiced, taken classes, and I’ve been in a lot of plays. I have a resume and a headshot, so now I’m ready to follow my dreams of becoming a very successful actress! I live in Alexandria but am willing to go on location for any filming. Please feel free to contact me via email about upcoming Disney channel auditions soon or in 2012. Thanks!

  90. Courtney

    Im 12 going on 13 and im a great actor and a singer! I can play piano and i would love to star in a disney channel or disney XD! Please contact me back if there are any open auditions at cgamarsh@aol.com Thank you so much and i hope you contact me!

  91. Nachyla

    Hi, Are There Any auditions in north carolina or tennesse or even virgina. please contact me i love to act and dance and ect. PLEASE CONTACT ME !

  92. Ellie

    Hi it’s ellie again i am 13 in january and i can play the guitar play the drum and love all the disney channel show and mostly shake it up’s bella thorne please can u come to england birmingham and plus i have a really good american voice so plz consider

  93. Rachel Raymond

    Hi. my name is Rachel. i’m 11. my bday’s on 1st february 2000. I really love disney channel and disney xd and it would be incredible if i was given a chance to be a part of them. i am very musical, sporty, bubbly, funny, the list is endless. i have lots more to tell so please email me. can you let me know if there are any auditions and casting calls soon.
    Thank you. 😀 ;D

  94. Amro

    Hi my name is Amro i want to act am not going to say am the best actor in the world but i can show you that am good and am Egyptian i live in AZ TEMPE am 17 and am brown hire 5.5 ft brown eyes and i have an nice accents and i talked to Steven Spielberg,Adam Sandler,Shia Labeouf managers and a lot more and they all side to me your good to goo i just need to start and it would be an honor to work with you.

  95. Cindy Gutierrez

    Ho my name is Cindy I love Disney channel and modeling is there going to be a audition in Dallas tx because I would love to try it…acting is like my life and modeling to..I am 14 and I am a female please email me back if u know something please thanks

  96. Ami Patel

    hello my name is ami pate l i am south asian 5’6 with an athletic body figure i was just wondering if there are auditions in toronto?

  97. Stephanie

    hi, I was wondering if you could hold some auditions in Ohio because, I would love to audition, I can sing and act. I am 12 years old (almost 13). I have been in choir for 3 years, I am in a local play, and sang in a varity show at my school. E-mail me back please.

  98. sarah oduro

    hi its me again i can sing and i’m a nice bubbly person. as well as have natural black afro hair, i sometimes get extensions for my hair but ones that are plaits.

  99. sarah oduro

    hey can some auditions be held in england, because i live in manchester it would be hard to get to the auditions in america but i’d love to audition. black short afro hair, brown eyes

  100. Ellie

    Can disney do auditions in england closer to birmingham because i would love to audition but because i live in birmingham if the auditions come to britain they are always in london pls email back

  101. Hyacinthe Talhea Noelle Cranor

    Hello. My name is Hyacinthe. I’m 11 years old, 12 on November 17th, and 5’4. I am a good casual dancer. I don’t think my singing voice is amazing to tell the truth, but others do. I can act really well, including crying automatically ( Im not kidding!) and laughing automatically. I’m a great model. I don’t have much experience in modeling, but only because I live in Coupland, Texas. I have some acting experience, usually having lead roles like Dorothy and Annie. Ive never really actually acted in a show or movie, but Id love to now. I was born a model and actress, but not the best singer/dancer. Id love to meet up and talk. I have brown long wavy hair, hazel eyes, some freckles, and half tan, half pale. Contact me anytime. Btw, I don’t have a manager..yet. Maybe my cousin, who is actually related, ( same grandpa ), Patty Smyth, can at one point. Bye <3 🙂

  102. julie martinez

    hi my name is julie and i always been looking for an disney channle adudition and i love acting.i am in 6th grade and live in virginia and if you pick me contact me at 571-259-7172 and you will make my wish come true

  103. Autumn

    HI! Im Autumn, Im ten years old and i’ve been searching to be on Disney Channel for a long time! I love to sing and act. I have had alot of practice, so if there are any disney channel auditions in Wisconsin or Indiana… anywhere in the Midwest please contact me! Thankyou! 🙂

  104. Abbie

    Hi Im Abbigail. I love to sing and act. Its been my dream to be on Disney. I was wondering if there were any casting calls for on the New York area?? Sometimes they are scams. If there is any auditions like how Debby Ryan, Selena Gomez, or Miley Cyrus had. Please contact me. Thanks 🙂

  105. KeyOndria Ross

    Hi! Can you please let me know if there are any Disney auditions in Nashville or Virginia for 2012?? Please, Please let me know!!! Thanks!!

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  107. Brianna D

    Hi, my name is Brianna. My dream is to act! I might not be very good at acting..but i can sing a little (: Anyways i live in the North Carolina area, And wondering if there are any casting calls. Im 11 years old and will be 12 on Decmber! acting is my dream! Sometimes i even act at home! Anyways, contact me if you guys are looking for someone like me!

  108. Maeve Pond

    I’m with Aaliyah! Please let us know when/if there are any Disney Auditions in Boston! 🙂

  109. Norberto

    I am 12 years old,my dream is to be in a television show.I was born to become an actor and to have a great time with the cast members and i really really want to be on Disney channel please please respond back! thank you!

  110. chonta

    i am 14 years old, 15 next month..my step mom works on ABC NEWS in NY her name is roxanna sherwood..and i would like to do a disney cast…this means a lot for me because i neer had an oportunity to do something like this.. i born to act, sing, and dance! im a great dancer, i take act and dance classes! …please write back!! doesnt matter when..but please doo..!

  111. madd

    Hi my name is Maddie and i was wondering is there any disney auditions in the midwest for 2012

  112. Iva Dedic

    Hey Disney Channel,
    My name is Iva Zoe Dedic. I wanted to let you know if there’s any open auditions for acting feel free to contact me. I’m very good at acting and have played the lead role in many school plays.When I was younger I was in to modeling and have been a model for a company in Europe(Bosnia & Herzegovina)I’m also very good at dancing and lots of other sports. I’m blonde and have big blue eyes am 5 feet 1. I’m very joyful and easy going.
    Please give me a call.

  113. Masha

    Me,again. Is there maybe some way that I should be at the audition but over Skype? because my parents can’t provide me a plane ticket … please tell me … and where can i sing up for audition but over skype?

  114. Masha

    Hi, my name is Masha and i am thirteen years old. My idol is Selena Gomez, beacuse she is very good actress and singer and because everything she says help me to don’t give up. And i am trying so hard to be on disney, but i didn’t find any way to do that. I am, well, junior actress and i know that i’m good. My friends say that i sing very good. I am learning to play guitar and i just started to take dancing classes, it is realy fuun. I want to bee disney actress because when i act i forget why was i angry or sad before…and i like when i’m someone else on stage. I realy hope that my hard work is going to pay off…

  115. Masha

    Hi, my name is Masha and i am thirteen years old. My idol is Selena Gomez, beacuse she is very good actress and singer and because everything she says help me to don’t give up. And i am trying so hard to be on disney, but i didn’t find any way to do that. I am, well, junior actress and i know that i’m good. My friends say that i sing very good. I am learning to play guitar and i just started to take dancing classes, it is realy fuun. I want to bee disney actress because when i act i forget why was i angry or sad before…and i like when i’m someone else on stage. I realy hope that my hard work is going to pay off.

  116. Tiffany

    Hey my name is Tiffany I’m 12 and a half, almost 13, but I’m kind of short so I can pass as a 10 or 11 year old. I’m about 4 feet 7. I have black hair up to my shoulders and I am Chinese. I live in Toronto, Ontario, so if there’s any auditions suitable for me from Disney/Disney XD, please inform me at my e-mail. Thanks!

  117. jennifer

    Hi my names jennifer I’m 15 and i would love to now if there are any auditions here in San Antonio texas? i love to act its always been my dream and my passion it would be awsome if there where any here:)

  118. Deseray

    Hi my name is deseray and Im 13 years old and I live in Texas and I want to addition ill do anything I love acting so can you tell me if there are any additions thank you (:

  119. Datience

    are there any auditions in alabama or near by plz let me now



  121. samantha

    are there any disney auditions in tampa fl. ?

  122. Dayse

    Hello! can anyone tell me if there is some kind of audition for countries in South America, as in Brazil? I know the place I live makes everything more difficult 🙁 . if anyone knows please tell me!

  123. Jasmin Washington

    Hi my name is Jasmin Washington, I am a 11 year old dancer and actress in Maryland (I can look the age of 8- 12) I am looking for anything, and I mean anything that comes my way, so please if you may, contact me for any open auditions please 🙂

  124. kimberly

    hi . i would love to auditon but are they casting??

  125. Ta'Nya

    Hi,are they casting auditions in Alabama or anywhere near there,if so,please contact me,im a good dancer,an ok singer that still needs som more progress but im a fast learner,and i can act,ive played in many plays,contact me for about any additional details about auditions.. 😀

  126. Rhea

    Are there any auditions for 2012 aswell? if so could you please tell me the date and address and stuff like that please 🙂 Thanks Please Reply ASAP!!

    1. free audition listings Post author

      2012 Disney Channel auditions have not been announced yet. Auditions are not normally announced that far in advance.

  127. Elliana

    Do any disney channel shows offer to have casting calls in chicago July 2011 contact me asap! 🙂

  128. Aaliyah

    Anny audtions for Disneeey in BOSTOOON ! Please .. plesee
    Contact me. thank you

  129. Rhoda

    Do you know about the auditions happening in the United Kingdom please ??


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