Disney Channel & Disney XD Online Open Casting Call

Disney Channel and Disney XD are holding open auditions for kids and teens ages 10 to 17 nationwide.

The Official Disney talent search for 2015 is on – Update, the deadline has been extended to the 10th!

The news just arrived… The official Disney talent search just opened hours ago and kids who have been patiently waiting for a chance to try out for a Disney Channel show now have their chance.

Disney Channel and Disney XD just announced, a few hours ago, that the annual open casting call for Disney will be held online this year. That is great news for kids itching for a shot at Disney fame but never getting their chance due to their location. In past years, Disney has held live auditions once a year in various cities, last year, the Disney channel auditions were in Los Angeles, but this year, kids around the nation have a chance to try out to be on Disney Channel…. no matter where they live.

Every year the Disney Channel and Disney XD hold a an annual talent search. Disney casting directors meet with kids, teens and their families, searching for the next breakout child star. The event is always held during the spring or summer months and this year is no different since the company announced that July 23rd is the first day that auditions will be open. This will be the first year that the annual Disney casting call will be open, online and accepting video submissions. Kids wanting a shot at a role on a Disney Channel or Disney XD show can check out the flyer below for all the details as well as information on how get the script, record and upload their video auditions.

Try out for Disney Channel

These auditions are not for any specific role or project. The companies casting directors are looking for new talent for future Disney movies and Disney Channel shows. This is a search for new talent and you do not need to have an agent. The company is looking for kids between the ages of 10 and 17 who have an interest in acting and would like to be considered for future projects.

It looks like all the audition instructions are being handled by an app. and partnered with Applause. At the moment, the page they are sending you to in the notice is a bit confusing, but seems that kids will first need to download their app to get further instructions on submitting their videos.

 The application submission period is July 23rd through August 6th, so kids nationwide have a couple weeks to get their audition videos perfected before uploading them. This is the official Disney call, there are no fees to submit your online audition videos. If you are looking for the Disney script, here is the link.

Be sure to also check out the other shows that have casting calls out for kids.

Deadline extended for Disney Channel online auditions

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  1. Rowan Haas

    Hey, my name is Rowan Haas. I love acting, my dream is to be an actress and to be on Disney channel. I’ve been watching the Disney channel forever now. I am currently in the 7th grade and in a drama class, tech theater and in choir and I love to sing. and I’m 12 years old, i get along with people very well.

  2. Etuna

    Hey, I want to go to the audition. Really, I am ready to audition. I only want Disney channel because I love Disney channel so much that I know everything about it. I think I can sing, dance and of course act. Can I send someone my audition video?

  3. Darycha Lynch

    I am 13 years old and have always wanted to act. If it is possible I would like to audition.
    I live in Perth which makes it hard to audition for anything so I wanted to know if you could help me?

  4. Kaitlyn

    Hi, I was looking at Disney channel talent search but it didn’t show any new shows to audition for and last year it said to put a video and I did but there was no reply. So do you know when there is going to be any new tv shows to audition for?

    1. Kaitlyn

      This year for 2016?

    2. erica

      Disney casting or any other casting directors will only contact the kids that they would like to see more from. It is just not possible for them to contact everyone because there are simply too many kids applying for a chance to be on Disney Channel. If you did not get a call back, you can try again this year at the next Disney open call which will probably take place this summer of 2016.

      1. Maisie

        Hi I’m Maisie I’m from England and I’m 13 years old, I don’t much experience but really think that it would be a great opportunity to have acting for a career I have brown hair, brown eyes and I’m 5 foot 2 inches.

  5. Cassie

    Is there an updated version of this app because all of the events on it were already closed?

    1. erica

      The annual Disney open auditions are held during the summer months. The next Disney Channel open call should be held in the summer of 2016.

  6. Chioma

    Could you have an open disney channel audition in sugarland tx and not go through agencies.

    1. erica

      Disney Channel / Disney XD held online open auditions this year. Anyone from any State or city was able to apply with an online video submission, no agent required.

  7. Aaliyah

    My name is aaliyah, I love Disney and all I want to do is be on Disney.

  8. Kellita freeman

    What number to call if I want an audition in Ocala or Orlando.

  9. Isaac

    I really would like for them to hold an audition in Kentucky.

    1. erica

      The last Disney audition was online and nationwide. Maybe the next Disney open casting will also be online / by video submission.

      1. Benjamin

        I want to Act on Disney channel please

  10. Sakshi Sethi

    Please contact me on my email id. I really want to be on Disney Channel. Please contact me. I am an Indian and really looking forward to being a part on this mind blowing channel. I would like to participate in these shows and even take the lead roles. I am good at dancing, singing and acting and would be happy if you can give me role in any Disney Channel show or movie.

  11. Sakshi Sethi

    Please contact me on my email id. I really want to be in Disney Channel. Please contact me.

  12. Meagan

    Do you know if they started the callbacks yet or if they’ve already finished them?

  13. Tommie Maniece

    Hello my name is Tommie Maniece and i am a big fan for Disney. I was wondering if i can audition for Disney?

  14. camari

    can I meet zuri?

  15. camari

    can I meet luke?

  16. camari

    How do you apply for acting parts?

    1. erica

      Every casting call / audition that is posted on the site, including this audition for Disney Channel, has specific instructions. You must follow the instructions listed.

  17. Julia ratchford

    Hi, can you email me when the next auditions start, please, because I didn’t get the link for this one until today and it is to late.

  18. Joshua barrett

    Hi my name is Joshua Barrett. I am 11 years old standing at a 5’1 inches, my birthday is January 2, 2004. I am very smart. I can dance sing and I even play the drums. I can act since I’ve been in 500 school plays in the past 2 years. I’ve been in at least 2’967 school plays. I would love to be in any disney channel show. It’s been my dream to to be in any disney show.

  19. Ashleigh

    I auditioned and they emailed me back and said I am going to be the next taller, starting in December.

    1. Mary

      Did you get a callback?

  20. Hi! I tried so many times to send my audition video in the Applause App on my cell phone… and it was impossible. It said that there was a problem with the upload. The video I made was only 2.9 MB and 32 sec on MOV format. So I checked and it has all the requirements made on the instructions to participate. I don’t know what happened. Please help.

    Alejandro Manuel

  21. Mon

    I can’t find this app 🙁 so sad. I thought this is my big chance. Maybe someone will notice me here. Disney ! I am here !

  22. Mattea

    I’m guessing a lot of people had the same problem. My video wouldn’t upload either. I know the deadline is up. I tried posting the video earlier, but it wouldn’t work. I was following every guideline and connected to the Internet. I’m sure this happened to a lot of kids. Is there any other way we can send our audition videos, and/or postpone the deadline?

    1. erica

      Yes, they extended the deadline to the 10th!!!

      1. Ashleigh

        Yes, I made my video on the 9th, just awesome and fun it was.

    2. erica

      The deadline has been postponed -https://www.auditionsfree.com/2015/disney-online-casting-auditions-extended/

      1. miasya

        Hi Erica, Email Me Back, ASAP, PLEASE Sincerely Miasya Brown …….. With Lots Of Love. <3

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