DOCUMENTARY CASTING “Discretion and Faith”


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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles, CA
“Discretion and Faith”
Adultery around the world.

Why do some cultures condemn, while others accept or even condone? Some have written laws that are contradicted by social norms. Others, still, hold men to different standards than women. Around the globe, views on this emotionally charged issue vary from country to country…from being openly accepted to being punishable by death. And what is the impact of these views on individual lives?

“Discretion and Faith” is a new documentary by Pointe Media examining adultery on a global scale. Share your perspective and/or personal story to help better understand this complex topic.

CURRENTLY SEEKING individuals in the Los Angeles area who are originally from outside of the U.S., specifically*:
• China
• Japan
• India
• Europe
• Africa
• South America

We’re looking for people to share personal stories and/or discuss the views of your homeland. Interviews will be conducted in individuals’ homes and take approximately 1.5 hours. There is no pay for being interviewed, however, an honorarium will be provided if the film is picked up for distribution.

For more information, email Gina Marks at

*Open to submissions from other countries, if views differ from the U.S.

Casting Location: Los Angeles, CA
Contact email:

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