‘East In Red’ Auditions New York

By | September 22, 2011

East in Red
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: New York, NY
by Ryan Sprague
Director: Patrick Marran

AEA Showcase (approval pending)

Auditions will be held at Ripley-Grier Studios [520 8th ave] from 12-4pm this Thursday, September 22nd. Callbacks will be held the following day, 12-3pm.
Sides will be provided at the audition. For an audition slot, email casting@dreamcatcherentertainment.biz
Show Runs Thurs-Sun Oct 20-30 at Roy Arias Theatre Center [43rd & 8th]

“We are all capable of much darker things than we think.”

The grizzly murders of Jack the Ripper take on a whole new level of brutality in modern day New York City. As a sadistic serial killer terrorizes the streets of the East Village, four women fall victim to ghastly acts of contempt. But a dark secret slowly rises to the surface on the night of the final and most brutal murder. The play follows this harrowing evening through the eyes of four subjects, each suspecting the other. A psychological thriller filled with accusations, sharp knives, and buckets of blood, East in Red is sure to leave your heart pounding, your blood frozen, and your eyes peeled over your shoulder before you even leave the theatre!


Dark Figure (Male- mid-late teens)- Tall, Imposing. Must portray a believable teenager.

Eddie (Male- late 30s- early 40’s)- Landlord of the apartment building. Dirty and outspoken. Your typical slumlord, but moments of sincerity.

Aaron (Male- late 20’s)- Tenant of Eddie’s building. A very well groomed hairstylist. He’s a mysterious and conservative pretty boy with a dark side that rears its ugly face when it has to.

Marie (Female- late 20’s)- Beautiful redhead (or, willing to dye hair). Prostitute. Very sexual, grounded, and methodical. Slowly reveals an extremely intelligent mind and a relentless agenda later in the play.

Casting Location: New York, NY
Contact email: casting@dreamcatcherentertainment.biz

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