History Channel Casting New Show – Seeking Inventors

By | August 18, 2011

Nationwide auditions History Channel Inventor Series

Calling all Inventors…THIS IS YOUR BIG BREAK! Now is the time for you to show the world your invention and the HISTORY Channel’s new show is your platform.

Are you an amateur inventor who’s come up with the next great idea? Are you looking for an investor who can bring your invention to the masses?

The HISTORY Channel is on a nationwide search for new products from amateur inventors who are looking for exposure and funding.
Our renowned team of invention investors want to meet you to fund your idea and bring it to market.

All types and levels of inventions will be considered, from a homemade prototype to a manufactured product.

You can submit as many inventions as you want.
All it takes is a good idea! $$$$

Please email your name, age, contact info, a recent photo of yourself and a brief description of your invention. We will call you to discuss your innovation and the casting process. EMAIL: lacastingcall@live.com

One thought on “History Channel Casting New Show – Seeking Inventors

  1. mike hoang

    Phone: 727-251-2557
    Email: mike.notecglobal@yahoo.com
    hear_about Shark Tank
    Comments: Comment: Hello > My name is MIke Hoang and i have seen you and your products on show. What a Cool product you have! I myself have an invention i would > like to get on the show. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or > could guide me to whom i need to contact. Im sure you are a busy l> these days so any feedback i could get would be appreciated greatly. > Feel free to check out my product on our website @ notecglobal.com. > Thank you very much for your time. > > Mike Hoang
    Name: mike hoang


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