‘Lone Ranger’ with Johnny Depp casting extras


‘Lone Ranger’ / ‘Silver Bullet’ auditions for movie extras

The Walt Disney, The Lone Ranger remake starring Johnny Depp as Tonto is now filming in New Mexico. The Lone Ranger which is shooting under the working title of ‘Silver Bullet’ is a western that will begin shooting in early 2012 and the movie will continue shooting through the summer of 2012. Filming is expected to begin in February in the Santa Fe area.

The film is casting extras and is particularly interested in extras that have longer hair, facial hair, horseback riders, Native Americans that can pull off a western theme.

The casting directors are also looking to cast supporting roles, small speaking roles, photo doubles and stand ins. All positions are paid.

The production is looking for Native Americans, Asians, Anglos and Hispanics of all ages.

Trapeze and circus performers

men with facial hair

Ladies with long hair

Horseback Riders

The Open Call for Extras for ‘Lone Ranger will be held on:

“Silver Bullet” / “Lone Ranger”
Far Horizon Studio, 300 Washington SE, Suite 304
9 am to 4 pm

Please bring ID with you

more casting calls for The Lone Ranger have been announced

7 thoughts on “‘Lone Ranger’ with Johnny Depp casting extras

  1. Tom Estis

    I am a 74 year old cowboy , been one all my life in Cotopaxi co, Was born on a horse am interested audition for extras, Thanks Tom

  2. Taylor Alfred

    Hi, Im Taylor, Im going to be thirteen in June but Im 5 feet 7 inches tall so I can pass of as a 15 year old I am Indian I have olive colored skin very long black hair and brown eyes. I read the description a few times and it said you are filming until summer of 2012 and it has been a dream of mine to act and I was very curious on if you guys were still in need of extras? I really do think I could be good at it ! My family says Im an excellent actress and I really want to be in this movie !

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Clayton Peshlakai


    I am writing to see if they are still looking for people for the film “Silver Bullet”
    I have experience in a few films.

  4. Helen

    Hey, i would like to be in a movie with Johnny Depp not really wanting to be an extra, as i want to be his leading lady…. I know so does every other female on the planet. I even have the story in my head, I am sat on a beach writing songs and along comes Johny Depp and turns me into the famous Lyricist i have always wanted to be.

  5. Danna Wouster

    Hi, Would like to know if you are still doing Open Calls for the extra casting for Silver Bullet. I am a Woman of age 4 8, Long Red Hair, Caucasian, 165 lbs. 5 ft. 4 . 1inchs. I would really like the oppurtunity to be a part of the family in makiing of this Movie, Thanks for your time.

  6. brandon mock

    just wanted to know if you were still holding open calls? im very interested in the audition, this is something ive always wanted to do ive heard my ole life that i look like i should be on tv. i always get asked have i seen the movie ”blow” i could pass as a younger version of johnny in that movie. im 30 years old i do have longer hair and i figured i better give it my best shot while i still can before i get any older. all im asking for is an opportunity thats all. thank you for your time.

  7. Shaun Twiddy and Joanne Twiddy

    To whom it may concern;

    My son Shaun and I (Joanne Twiddy) are interested in the background extra.
    My son Shaun’s enthnicity is Asian, Caucasian and American Indian
    I’m full blooded Japanese.
    Both Shaun and I have done extra work. Between the two of us, we did “Lost”,”Off the Map”, “Soul Surfer” and “Journey.”
    We are very interested in doing background extra for “Lone Ranger.”
    We are available to work for your company at anytime, anywhere.

    Thank you for consideration and we look forward in working with you and your associates.

    Joanne Twiddy


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