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Theatre audition posted by the Artistic Director
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Redondo Beach, CA

“Decisions: Five One-Act Plays”
by Glen S. Jimenez
Los Angeles 99-Seat Plan
Kaleidoscope Theatre Ensemble
Venue: The Lounge Theatre
Hollywood, CA
Director: Dane H. Hainez II and Glen S. Jimenez
Opens/Starts Sept 22, 2011

Decisions: Five One-Act Plays

– The Big Case

– Reunion at the Moonlight

– All These Years

– Decision of the Heart

– Maybe I Should


– Second Time Around

By Glen S. Jimenez

About the Shows

The Big Case – Always getting himself into trouble, Rico, a young private investigator, is given a second chance with Task Force, an elite team of investigators. As he reviews the case file, he quickly discovers the subject is his girlfriend. As the plot thickens, her husband arrives and Logan, the lead investigator must assist as this case is about to unravel. (3M, 2W)

Reunion at the Moonlight – Carlos and Isabel reunite after a one-night stand at the place where they first met. Carlos has decided to take a chance and express his feelings for her, but the news that Isabel has will ultimately change both of their lives forever. (2M, 2W)

All These Years – A married woman, Desiree, who goes out for the evening looking for some attention finds it in the arms of another man. After she takes him home, her husband, Peter, arrives early to surprise her and discovers that his world has just come to a crashing end. (2M, 1W)

Decision of the Heart – A young man is torn between a woman in his past and a woman that he has started dating. As he plans a night at the theatre, his plans are stalled as his ex-girlfriend calls him and tries to get him back. (2M, 2W)

Maybe I Should – A Shy Girl, Movie Producer, Studio Executive, Truck Driver, and a Waitress cross paths at a coffee shop that opens the door to their true feelings. Each character is moved to open up and reveal their true selves while keeping on their masks amongst each other. (2M, 3W)

Second Time Around – Jason is a player who has never been played, until now. A one night stand in Pisa Italy comes back to haunt him when he sees Liz on a Walkplatz in Kaiserslautern, Germany. While she is on a date, and he is attempting his next conquest, the reunion leave more questions unanswered, and some revealing unknowns. (2M, 3W)

Kaleidoscope Theatre Ensemble is is seaking to cast: Varios roles, age range from 22 – 40

Open Auditions will be held:

Monday, August 22 from 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

2610 185th Street, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Contact: (310) 383-6912

Bring Head Shot / Resume and Schedule conflicts.

Rehearsals will be held Mon – Thurs, from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

There is no play.

Email: info@kaleidoscopetheater.org to confirm your will be auditioning.

Thanks in advance.

Kaleidoscope Theatre Ensemble

Casting Location: Redondo Beach, CA
Contact email: glen@kaleidoscopetheater.orgq

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