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Undone – A New Feature-Length Musical
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Minneapolis, MN
‘Undone’ – A New Musical

The Pitch-

Three people that live in the same building have affairs in secret. They struggle to deal with the consequences but finally learn that making mistakes is part of growing up.

Undone is a new, Feature-Length musical that will be shot this summer. The story follows three main characters that all live in the same house but have never really met each other. Because they have never met, they don’t realize how similar their lives really are. The web becomes even more tangled as the characters enter secret affairs until problems surface and they have to deal with the consequences. It’s a modern, coming-of-age story where everyone learns that growing up is finding strength in the people around you and that we can’t always take back or fix the mistakes that we make, but we can learn from them and move forward.

The Characters-

Max – 19, young, naive college student struggling with his sexuality.

Rachel – 18, young, beautiful and full of hope. Max’s childhood friend and girlfriend. Sensitive and emotional.

Amy – 24, workaholic. Self-destructive but strong. Deep down she is scared and afraid to accept the responsibility for her own choices.

Sam – 23, rock star, pothead. Amy’s ‘project’ boyfriend. Sam is truly in love with Amy, he just has trouble proving it.

Kristy – 26, rich, blonde, beautiful. Amy’s Childhood friend who shows up on her doorstep. She’s loud and outgoing. She doesn’t always realize that the choices she makes affect people’s lives.

Dan – 29, lovable and immature. Afraid of turning 30, being married and becoming ‘old’. He isn’t ready to grow up.

Sarah – 28, kind and beautifully tragic. Dan’s long-term girlfriend. She loves Dan and doesn’t want to lose him, but deep down all she wants is a family and a home.

Jason – 28, Dan’s gay roommate. Very single and career driven. Encourages Dan to be the same way.

Judy – 78, the landlady. She is old and wise, but still full of spunk. She blames herself for the loss of her son. She teaches the characters the moral of the story.

Actors must be available for recording sessions in Early May and shooting days throughout June. While this is a student film, all actors Will be compensated for their time.

Auditions will be taking place February 19 and 20 from 9:00am-5:00pm at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Room 130. Each actor is to come with a Headshot, Resume, and a Prepared song. An accompanist will be provided. To schedule a time, send a message with a preferred Day and Time to undonethemovie@gmail.com. You will receive a confirmation email which will include your Date and Time of audition, Directions to MCAD, and an Emergency Contact Number.

Casting Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contact email: undonethemovie@gmail.com