Modeling Jobs Las Vegas – Nascar


Hiring Models for Nascar Vegas

Please apply by 3/1/2010

To apply, please read and follow the instructions below carefully, take your time and do not forget to do steps 1 – 10.

If you can not follow these instructions your reply may be deleted. Photos do not do us any good if we can not associate them with a name, telephone number, age and city. We will not click on other web sites to see pics.

Tip: Highlight steps 2 – 10 cut (ctrl “c”) and then paste (ctrl “v”) the steps to the E-mail you are sending. Do not forget to attach the pics to the E-mail.

1. We must see a photo first – make sure you look like your photo. We need at least one body shot but we do not want to see skin. No black or dark clothing, no animals or babies in the shots, we have to see what you look like. If you’re sending a group shot, indicate which person in the photo is you. Make sure your face and hair are not covered by accessories (no hats)- does not have to be a professional portrait can be snapshots and camera phone pics are fine as well.

2. Please let us know something about you and why you would like to be a model. Do not be lazy here, we want to get to know you (“looks like fun” or “I could use the money won’t cut it”). Yes the money is great but… we would like to know why modeling???

3. Include a telephone number

4. Include city, state and zip code of residence

5. Age

6. First and last name

7. Stats (Height, weight, measurements or clothing sizes, hair, eyes)

8. Availability to work March 4, 5, and 6 morning to afternoon

9. Please let us know where you heard of us, was it a job board at school? Craigslist? Please let us know.

10. Apply to