MTV Real Life Casting Orlando


MTV and Real Life are holding a casting call in Orlando Florida this weekend – The show is looking to cast its 27th season. MTV’s The Real Life is one of the longest running reality TV shows on Television.

Saturday, October 15, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bar Louie, in the Dr. Phillips Area.
7335 W. Sand Lake Road, Orlando

MTV is looking to get a cast of 20 individuals together. The show is looking for people 20 to 24 years old.

This season is a bit different then previous. Casting directors are looking for people who have specific issues or problems.

casting directors will be on the lookout for applicants who have challenges living an everyday life that most take for granted, struggling with weight issues, affected by a natural disaster, products of home or alternative schooling, followers of unrecognized or non-mainstream belief systems, elite athletes, recent graduates affected by the economic downturn, those involved with goth, emo, or punk subculture, members of a pro-abstinence organization, those who are recently single due to a tragedy, someone who has recently gotten out of the foster care system, and individuals who want to bring the spotlight of “The Real World” to a cause, condition, or social issue they care deeply about or are personally affected by.

If you do not fit the above, no worries, producers are interested in anyone who is outgoing and fun. They are looking for personalities that stick out.

You are required to bring a photo ID to the casting. If you have a headshot and resume, bring it also.

2 thoughts on “MTV Real Life Casting Orlando

  1. Diego Rodriguez

    Im a 20 year old male adult who on one side is a really good athlete. I like to workout keep my body fit and healthy and on the other has a bad side to him. When I was little my parents used to get into fights, my dad would come home angry and beat up my mom and when I would always defend her he kicked the crap out of me. When they divorced my dad broke into my mom’s house and took everything valuable that was hers, with my mom working and having to take care of 3 kids, it was really hard we whee poor for awhile. I guess because of my childhood that’s why I’m always working out trying to get big because I’m angry on what had happened. When I got older I was the popular kid so of course I got into trouble. I was always partying every weekend drinking or doing drugs. I’m the only person in my family who got into any trouble. I’ve been in fights, I’ve been arrested. Half of my family doesn’t like me ’cause they think I’m a criminal or I’m crazy because of my past. I’m not a bad person, I’ve just had a lot of bad things happen to me.

  2. Melanie Santino

    I am 22 year old young adult and i’m adopted. I was adopted when I was a baby, my biological mother had me and left the hospital, she was dying from AIDS at a young age. She gave a fake name and left. I have never met her and have no idea who she is. I go threw life everyday wondering if I look like her, wondering why she did what she did. When I was 14 my parents adopted three more kids, they know who their real parents are, grew up with them, know their background well i dont have any of this information all I know is, I was born a crack, herion addictived baby. due to all the drugs she took while holding me i have a learning disabiltity, cant focus from time to time, bad ADHA, seizures and so many other things. She made poor disusions and i’m the one suffering cause of it. Its difficult looking in the mirrior not knowing who you are, walking threw a publix or walmart wondering is she really dead or can any of these people be her. I don’t want to know who she is, i dont hate her for the choices she made. Diane and Gary are the only family i know and as far as i’m concerned that is more then enough for me. I just want the world to know its okay to be adopted, don’t let it kick you in the butt. I think a lot of people who are adopted cant grasp the fact that its not that end of the world. and to be thankful to still be alive. Doctors said I only had one year to live, i’m 22 now and i turned out not so bad.


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