Music Video Auditions San Diego


reason to live music video
Casting notice posted on, casting location: san diego
Music Video/Short Film Audition.
3 Stories on a theme: “Give of yourself”

No Pay. Copy and Credit.

STORY 1: Rape Victim shares her story with other victims.
Victim 1: Female in her early 20’s. She has lived in fear with her tragic past since she was a teenager. One day she decides to share her experience on a Rape victim Website.
Victim 2: A female in her late 30’s to early 40’s reads Victim 1’s story and is moved to tell her own.

STORY 2: An African American Male EMT tries to help a skin head with a knife wound. The skin head rather die then be touched by a black person.
EMT: African American Male over 25 years of age. He considers letting the skin head die but his conscience gets the better of him.
SKIN HEAD: He rather die then be touched by of black person. (Must be willing to wear a temporary tattoo of a swastika on chest.)

STORY 3: A man is released from prison for a murder he was pushed to commit as a teenager. He sees a different more positive role model exists in the world and therefore decides to take his life an another direction.
Victor (teenager): Male/Mexican. Must be able to see that fateful decision to kill a man be made.
The OG: Male/Mexican/to play 40’s and 50’s in two different time periods. He convinces Victor to kill as a teenager. Later, he tries to do the same.
The Painter: Male/Mexican/50’s or 60’s. A different kind of role model for Victor. He is painting a mural in Chicano Park.

Casting Location: san diego
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