Now casting Family Businesses


DO YOU HAVE A FAMILY RUN BUSINESS and a family full of BIG PERSONALITIES that you think could be on TV?

Powderhouse Productions is producing a documentary style TV series on a family business for a MAJOR CABLE NETWORK.

We want to hear what makes your family and business UNIQUE and special.
What type of business do you have? How many family members are working there?

For detailed instructions and an example of a video submission you can visit our website:

Please send a brief bio, pictures of everyone and a video to by May 13th.
In the 5-10 minute video SHOW and TELL us:

• Who you are (name, age, where you live)
• What you do (job title, hobbies, interesting facts about yourself)
• What it’s like working with/for your family
• What kind of people do you interact with as a result of your work
• Give us a TOUR of your business
• Introduce us to the whole crew
• Let us see you in ACTION doing what you do

Please shoot video in a space where we can see and hear you clearly!
Be sure to speak to the camera AND also interact with people.

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