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By | September 7, 2011

Casting notice posted on, casting location:
A new, national television show is looking for stories!

Could you be on television?! This is your chance!!

We are currently looking for…

Are you tired of being treated like a maid?
Do you work a full time job and are expected to keep working once you get
home? Does your husband do nothing to help you out around the house because
he feels like it’s your job?

Do you hate your sibling’s significant other?
Do you hate the person your brother or sister is dating? Is their relationship
causing a rift in your family?

Are you a stepfamily in crisis?
Is your new blended family a far cry from The Brady Bunch? Are you constantly
at odds and fighting with your stepchildren and your new husband or wife? Let
our relationship expert help you.

Worried about a loved ones upcoming wedding?
Do you want your family member or friend to call off their wedding? Are you
ready to get married to the love of your life only to have the disapproval of your
family or friends? Is her or his family trying anything & everything to break up
the marriage?

My partner wants me to get plastic surgery!
Does your partner always point out your flaws? Are they pressuring you to get
plastic surgery? Has he hinted that he will go somewhere else if you don’t fix
something with your appearance? If you are considering, have already gotten,
or are sick of the constant pressure to get plastic surgery to please your partner
then please contact us!

Please respond with your name,
age & all contact information as well as a brief description of what is going on.

We provide round trip tickets to New York City as well as hotel and meal
accommodations. We offer $150 for referrals and stories taped in our studio.


Casting Location:
Contact email:

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