Casting for talk show – Reality TV


location: Kissimmee, Florida

Category: Reality TV

Do you have an issue you need advice on? Love, Fear, Low self esteem, etc.
Need real people with real issues who are willing to be recorded getting help from a motivator.
Amateur talk show. Will be recorded with small hand held camera.
You will be paid $25 per clip/scene so the longer you’re willing to be recorded and allow us to work with you – the more you get paid.
You could make up to $300.

Must be willing to be open and honest. You can include a loved one or get advice one on one.
Send a valid phone number to receive a response. We will not respond back and forth via email. If you have a headshot please send.
No acting skills needed – Reality TV

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Kissimmee, Florida
Contact email:

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