Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Orlando, FL
Casting for an Ultra Low Budget faith-inspired film, Sanctified Theft, written by CeDarian Crawford. Hollywood veteran actor attached. Actors should submit headshot & resume to: sanctified.theft@yahoo.com. Actors who DO NOT have a headshot and resume will not be considered.

SYNOPSIS: Christina Thomas has recently been notified by her physician that she has a brain tumor that is getting larger and must be removed immediately. After receiving this life threatening news, the family receives word that their health insurance coverage does not include this type of surgery. In an effort to save his wife’s life, her husband (a church pastor) begins to steal from community business in order to pay for the much-­?needed surgery.

Character Descriptions:

Pastor Thomas (40s & older, African American ): A pastor who loves nothing more than his own family and will do anything to save them. He is a pastor who is more in love with his church than his calling.

Christina Thomas: (40s, African American) A mother and a wife who is doing her best to hold it together for her family. She loves her husband and trusts every word that he says.

Jessica Thomas: (early 20s, African American) Wants to be loved. She wants to move on from the past that haunts her.

Marcus Reynolds (20s, African American) Marcus finds out a secret and struggles between doing what is right or follow love, instead.

Detective Michelle (30s-40s, Any ethnicity) A detective with a personal vendetta.

Mr. Richardson (30s-50s) A deacon at the church who is more concerned with Mr. Levi than with the issues in the church.

Casting Location: Orlando, FL
Contact email: sanctified.theft@yahoo.com

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