Casting notice posted on, casting location: LOS ANGELES
Hello Models:

The Rychael Nyree Agency will be hosting our very first annual fashion show. I am looking for 8 to 10 petite male and female models for the show. Here’s what I need: models 5’7 and under, 18 years of age to 25 years of age, weight MUST be proportionate to height (slim/slender), and last but not least PROFESSIONALISM….this is an absolute MUST for me. You do not have to have experience but you MUST have a strong work ethic with some form of a resume or educational history that proves to me that you know about hard work and dedication….I am looking for my show to be a success. The Rychael Nyree Agency specializes in petite modeling and our mission is to make a statement that petite models can accomplish the same goals as high fashion models. I will not tolerate tardiness or absences….this is a business and a paying gig for those of you who are looking to get your start so in order to be selected you have to prove that you are a hard worker.

The date of the fashion show is tba….but I am thinking sometime next fall at the least is when it will take place…around about October. There will be food, music, entertainment, and most importantly….I will be inviting some very special guests to attend this event, so professionalism can’t be stressed enough. This will be a red carpet event so elegance and etiquette is also a MUST…you need to be able carry yourself in a way of grace and poise. Remember….you do not have to have experience as a model but at least be mature, polite, punctual, and professional….conduct yourselves as young ladies and gentlemen should.

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to be considered as a model for The Rychael Nyree Agency’s first annual fall fashion show….please email two photos (full body and close up…meaning waist up) NO nude or lingerie photos please or you will not be considered. The photos do not have to be professional but if you use a camera phone or regular camera there cannot be anyone in the photos with you and there MUST be a clean, neat, plain background. Include in your email….your name, phone number, date of birth, why you want to be considered as a model for the fashion show, and a resume and/or educational history… do not have to have a models resume… long as it shows your work ethic and ability to be dedicated and determined, as far as education goes…I just need to know what kind of student you were / are in school….I want to make sure you are committed to hard work.

*Please note that this gig does pay $50 – $100 for the day of the event and also offer the opportunity to a contract with The Rychael Nyree Agency, LLC. All of my contact information will be given ONLY to models selected to be in the show. Thank you and Good Luck to you all!


~Rychael Nyree~


The Rychael Nyree Agency, LLC….

….Specializing in Petite Modeling.

Casting Location: LOS ANGELES
Contact email:


  1. Maria Freteluco

    I have been told many times I would be great for high fashion modeling, only problem is I am 5 feet tall. Since the age of 14 I have been working on a career in the arts. I believe in working long and hard. The only way results come and dreams get achieved is by sincere dedication and hard work. I am strong and go after what I want. I want the world of fashion to know that long legs and outrageous heights do not determine whether a woman is high fashion capable or not. I am small and have been turned down many times because of it, it’s time for change. I believe in change, and I believe I can make that change. I would be a great asset to you. My heart is strong and goes after everything it wants and does not stop until it gets it.


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