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Teen Auditions singers and dancers

Teenage Girl Group , Looking For 2-3 More Girls ! Auditions Free !
Casting notice posted on, casting location: San Diego, CA
Hello , I’m Alizea and I’m looking for two to three more girls for a girl group. The age range is 14-16 . I want these girls to be serious about this career we’re seeking. I am also going to be included in this group. You guys need to know how to sing and dance, and that’s prety much it. You don’t need alot of experience just the heart, and drive. So please message me, because I know and you know you want to accomplish our dream. Thank You for reading.

Casting Location: San Diego, CA
Contact email:

4 thoughts on “San Diego Girl Group

  1. nylani

    Hi my names Nylani, but I also go by Simone (Suh-mone) I’ve been singing since I was 3yrs old. I’ve been in a few groups but they were ended because we desided to go solo. I also have friends who are amazingsly talented, they can sing, dance and act as well as I can. I’m 15 and they are 14. I would love too join your group and if I can just have a mini audition, I would honestly appreciate it. I’ve 2 book load of songs I’ve written myself over the years. I’ve been to many auditions but not have been excepted for the following reasons, they were not what I needed or they’re deals were not a good agreement! Please at least give me a chance, you may get this a lot but I’ve never been more serious about anything in life. I want OUR dreams to come true as me and you like. I would love to do this not just for me but for you. I will definitely enjoy helping another person fufill exactly the same exact dreams as me. Please conctact me – PLEASE this is the only I have to look forward in life without it I have nothing to live for honestlyD’:

  2. taylor

    Is this in sandiego california?!?! Because I live in california and I would love the opportunity to be in this group as long as it’s going somewhere. I am very passionate about music and dancing. So you can email me back.

  3. grace

    hi im 13 but i would love to join ur group. i can sing, songwrite and dance and i am very passionate about music but i live in london. is that a problem?

  4. tyesha

    my name’s tyesha taylor i’m 14-15 singing is a passion iv’e been in a couple girl groups but things didn’t go write i’m a singer/songwritter/and a sometimes dancer i take my music seriously i might be 5’2 but i can blow when i feel a beat or something but i would love to be in your girl group you can contact me, thanks.


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