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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Detroit
What –

Wayne State Senior Project Short filming in January. The story is centered around a young woman with everything going for her who accidentally hits a pedestrian with her car. Her inability to come to terms with what she’s done leads to a downward spiral into hard drinking and immorality. The journey is towards self-forgiveness.

When/Where –

Auditions will be held on Monday, December 19th at 6pm on the Wayne State University campus. Production is scheduled for the weekends of January 14th & 15th, 21st and 22nd, and 28th and 29th.(Production may be suspended for a few hours during Lion’s playoff games. Just kidding. Not really kidding. Well, we’ll see what happens.) Cast and crew MUST be available and committed to these dates.

Who –

Talented actors. As a student film, there is no payroll budget, so let me state from the beginning that your interest and effort will be appreciated more than you can possibly know. That said, this is a character-driven story, and without strong performances, it will surely fail. They say that beggars can’t be choosers, and yet I intend to be both.


Casey – White Female, late twenties – early thirties. Casey is a hard-edged woman with a punkish look who pushes away just about anyone who tries to get close to her. She parties hard, she sleeps around and she toys with the idea of downing a bottle of pills on a regular basis. Should be able to pull off both conservative and rebellious looks. There is a short fight scene, so body control is important. Also, while there will be NO actual nudity, there is implied nudity (face down, sleeping shirtless on the bed) and every effort will be made to ensure privacy and dignity. There is also a fairly intense (clothed) make-out scene. Just trying to save time. (All production days)

Josh – White Male, early twenties – early thirties. A minor but important role. Josh is clean cut and hard-working. He works at the bar to supplement his income as a freelance travel writer and he’s working on a novel. Even though he’s been around to see her bad side — the guys she’s picked up at the bar, the escalating partying, the bitchy attitude — he’s had a crush on her for the past year, and it just won’t go away. (Four production days)

Gloria – Female, race inconsequential. Late thirties – early sixties (a maternal look is what matters.) Gloria is Casey’s probation officer. She’s used to dealing with thieves, addicts and all manner of common criminal, so when Casey walked into her office two years ago — guilty of negligence, to be sure but not malicious intent by any means — Gloria thought it was going to be a breath of fresh air. Having witnessed Casey’s decline, she feels that she’s failed her somehow, and makes a last-ditch effort to guide her back to the right path. (One production day)

Stephanie – White female, late teens/early twenties. She was a bright, cheerful high school student when Casey hit her with her car. Now, she’s a bright, cheerful college student who’s going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She’s got God in her heart, and while she’s not happy about the situation, she’s come to terms with it and bears Casey no ill-will. While I promise not to run you over with a real car, there is some light stunt work involved. (Two production days)

Lisa – White Female, late teens/early twenties. Stephanie’s friend, witnesses accident. (One production day)

Stranger – White Male, twenties – thirties. Casey’s pick-up/make-out scene. (One production day

Girlfriend – White Female, twenties – thirties. Stranger’s girl. Fights Casey in bar. (One production day)

Extras – Eight – Ten People for bar crowd. (Two production days)

In addition to the cast, we will be running with a very small crew, and crew members will take on responsibilities that are traditionally spread around among a larger crew. Those interested must be available for and committed to all production days.


Super AD – Set boss, script supervisor, slate

Super Gaffer — Gaffer/grip, 1st AC, electric, (helps me with lights, diffusion, camera set-up and follow focus)

Audio — Monitors audio on Zoom H4n and operates boom.

Super PA — Whatever else needs to be done.

Thank you in advance for your interest, and for those who fill the roles, for your fantastic performance. This is going to be most excellent. Please submit a short note about yourself and the role you are interested in along with a headshot (any old photo will do) and your contact info including phone number to:

Thanks bunches.

David Bark

Casting Location: Detroit
Contact email:

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