Tryouts for SyFy Reality Show


Seeking Los Angeles based adventure seekers

Producers of American Chopper and Dirty Jobs now casting LA-based adventurers to survive ONE WEEK IN HELL.

Would you spend the night in a horrific and creepy house just because someone dared you? If so, are you brave enough to spend 7 FULL DAYS in one of the scariest places on earth? Are you comfortable not seeing the light of day for seven days straight? Well, then… the Syfy network DARES YOU!!

Pilgrim Films & Television is seeking Los Angeles-based adventurers to live in one of the remotest, most frightening parts of the country for one week. It could be an abandoned mental institution or a forgotten campsite in an isolated forest. Wherever we send you and your fellow adventurers, your mission will be simple: to explore your new home and NOT run away in fear.


Producers are looking for GROUPS and individuals to film this TV presentation in an undisclosed location in the United States for one week in the month of June. If you would like to apply, send an email to with your name, location (city), phone number (cell phone), a recent photo, and a brief explanation of why you’re ready to take on this challenge. If you have a partner (sibling, spouse, co-worker) or group (of 5-6 friends, fellow employees, relatives, fraternity/sorority members, etc.) who’d like to apply, include their photos and phone numbers as well.

All participants will be paid for their involvement. You must be at least 18 years of age and an American citizen or resident to apply.

One thought on “Tryouts for SyFy Reality Show

  1. rochele

    They’re my name is Rochele ‘ and I’m 21 every since I was little I have practice acting in night school and at home it would be the best day of my life if you gave me a chance to be on. Reality show my Foverite is bad girls club I love that show I think all the time that I just want to go on there and try to help them girl out I get along with everybody I’m a black beauilful young woman and I think I got way it takes. Thank you!!!!


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