Auditions for Kids – feature Film MI


Auditions for kids, teens and adults – Michigan Feature Film

The feature film “Ghosts in the Graveyard” is scheduled to film in Royal Oak, Michigan in the 3rd part of 2011. Production is casting various roles for children 8 to 14 years old and a few adults (breakdown below). Open auditions for the film will be held at The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan.

There are both paid and unpaid roles

Audition date and time:
Saturday, May 14, 2011
12:00pm – 5:00pm
The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan
1116 E. Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI 48083

The following roles are available:

ADAM: 9-12 y/o Caucasian Male who can SKATEBOARD. (Speaking/Crying)
CHRISTINA: 9-12 y/o Caucasian Female who is HEARING IMPAIRED w/Speech Impediment (Speaking/Crying)
COLIN: 9-12 y/o Caucasian Male (Speaking)
ALBERT: 9-12 y/o Male actor of Middle Eastern descent (Speaking/Crying)
BLAINE: 9-12 y/o Male actor of Native American descent – Large build
SEAN: 9-12 y/o Caucasian Male (Class Clown type) – Small build
JOHN: 9-12 y/o Caucasian Male (Serious/Quiet) – Thin build
MARTY: 28-40 y/o Caucasian Female (Mother Role/Speaking) – Slender/Fit build
STEFFAN: 28-40 y/o Caucasian Male (Father Role/Speaking) – Tall/Thin Build
FRANK: 30-45 y/o Caucasian Male (Abusive Father/Speaking) – Tall/Muscular build
VICKY: 30-45 y/o Caucasian Female (Unhappy Mother/Speaking) – Tall/Slender build

To get more information, request sides, etc. please email:

All children must have parental permission and be accompanied by an adult during the audition process. Please bring headshots and demo reels (if available) to audition. You may request sides prior to audition by email.

Actors will be seen in the order of their arrival and sign-in at the front desk of the institute.

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  1. Jay smith

    Can I please become an actor I really wanna be please

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    I would like this, please, it looks very good.


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