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Actors required for interactive film
Casting notice posted on, casting location: London, UK
I am a final year student studying Digital Media, and for my final project i have chosen to make an interactive film. The film will have multiple storylines by allowing the audience to choose what happens next. The story itself ties in with this interactive narrative as it is set partially inside the main characters mind.

The story is told from the main characters’ point of view which begins with him finding himself in a confined room, trying to figure his past. We continue throughout the story to find out more about him and play with themes such as memories, psychological issues, and the narrative is designed completely with the story, making the audience feel quite dazzled as the character feels. The concept is quite low as it is very thought provoking and plays on the idea of having the audience piece the story together from their own interpretation.

The applicants required should be confident in playing the character and open to developing the character themselves. Help will be given via discussions about the character along with examples of films with similar characters, themes. The lead role is challenging and physical.

This project will be shot in high definition (HD), with high production values to make the project feel grand. Although the project deals with psychological issues, it will be quite visual with the way it is shot, and the whole overall style. There will be visual effect shots showing how memories fade away during flashback scenes.

As it is a student project, i am on a very low/no budget, therefore unfortunate to cover any costs of the participants. I will however provide all materials recorded such as production stills – if any, interviews – if any, and ofcourse the final finished film on DVD and/or in an online form. I will also credit all participants in the credits along with any promotional websites, etc. All materials, including the finished film will contain the rights for you to use for your showreel. This project will be considered to be submitted to film festivals depending on submission guidelines (if interactive films are allowed), but will also be available online for many people to see.

Experienced actors are preferred, however newcomers are welcomed. A great benifit for applicants will be any videos of previous work or showreels can also be sent.

Filming will commence for a few days between the 18th til 22nd of April ’11 around London, any locations on the outer skirts of London will have travel expenses covered.

If you want to be part of something which hasn’t been done before, fresh and challenging, please apply.

Main Character (Lead) – Male – Aged 19 to 30
This is the main character who is disturbed and lost. Has had many regretful experiences in the past and has in a sense “lost touch with reality”. The applicant must be very confident as this is a very challenging but exciting role. This role will be played mainly alone, but with some scenes with other characters. More details will be provided later.

Wife – Female – Aged 19 to 30
A key character alongside the main character.

Casting Location: London, UK
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