Vancouver Auditions Hero v. Sidekick


Hero v. Sidekick
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Vancouver
The role calls for several characters:

Hero: A young, not so bright, modern male. Raised on video games and cheetos. Something of a coward, but valiantly attempts to rise to the title of Hero. Does not necessarily make it. More or less incompetent, but has seen enough action movies to know what to aim for. Absolutely terrified of zombies. A nice guy, and really wants to save the world, but not exactly the only hope the world wants in the face of the zombie apocalypse.

Archibald: A fancy English gentleman, wouldn’t be caught dead or undead without his shoes shined and ruffles ruffled. Has been unwillingly sent on a zombie-hunting quest by Reginald and is more or less befouling his finely pressed breeches in abject terror. But he has a really shiny sword and believes he knows how to use it. He will use you as a human shield.

Soothsayer: Bat crap crazy. Journeys into the future to take over Hero’s body in order to force them on their zombie-hunting quest. She is out of her mind and she likes it that way.

Villain: An evil evil (and modern) nerd. Consistently foiled by Hero and Sidekick – by accident! A hugely overinflated ego. Extremely sensitive, but only towards himself. No sense of right and wrong. Gleeful about unleashing a horde of ravenous undead to feast upon the flesh of the living. Terribly frustrated that all his plans aren’t going exactly as expected.

Zombies: Proper British Zombies, to you. Their ruffles may be decaying, but they can still wield a sword. And they do.

Casting Location: Vancouver
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  1. anthony carlo carpenter

    My son is 8 years of age and has many talents.He is all reandy a black belt in karate and is good with bow staffand other weapons plus he is a very good actor


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