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Upcoming Hit Man Webisode Series
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Los Angeles
James is a hit man who lives alone and does select jobs. His brother John is a man who would be classified as a screw up, and always seems to get into some sort of trouble. John gets into a situation, and James Is handed a contract on his brother.

A choice has to be made, and that choice changes the lives and lifestyles of both men forever. A highly dramatic and action filled webisode with twist and turns throughout. The entire first season has been written and now seeking talented talent to fill the shoes of these diverse characters.

This project is UNPAID! Repeat UNPAID!

That means that I cannot pay you at this time for your services. You will be treated with respect, have a blast with your character, and gain exposure through this webisode. This casting is for the first half of the first season, roles available are listed below with a tentative casting call for 8/17.

(These roles are ongoing throughout the first season)

James King (Episodes 1-5) African American Male, mid 30’s to late 40’s, Professional Hit Man who doesn’t take any mess! He is calm and collective, but more than willing to fight and intimidate others. It’s clear that he is in charge of every situation he is involved with. A strong silent type who does wrong, but still seems to get your vote at the end.

John King (Episodes 1-5) African American Male, Early 30’s to mid 40’s, Brother of James who makes his living by doing odd jobs for criminal type friends. Sometimes seems to be under the influence of drugs, and makes many bad choices without thinking them through. Lives with his girlfriend Angie, and has a sporadic style of life.

Rico (Episodes 1-4) Any Ethnicity(non African American) Male, Late 20’s to late 30’s, psychopathic hit man, once worked as a team with James , but now lives a life bent on revenge. He wants to kill James, and does many contracts on various people. He often goes extreme and overboard in his killings; full of rage and unmethodical in his reasoning.

Angie (Episodes 1, 2, 5) Any Ethnicity, Female, Late 20’s to mid 40’s, long time girl friend of John. She has her own job and pays for the bills and food in the house. A woman who loves John deeply! She is dependent on his affection, but also a leader in her own right. Relaxed a little, but can put her foot down and rise up when needed.

Tony (Episodes 3, 4,) Any Ethnicity (Non African American) Male, mid to late 40’s, Mob boss and employer of James and Rico. Calm and collective, enjoys the finer things of life, loves wearing suits and being in charge. He meets with both men periodically, and considers himself on top of things at all times. He rarely shows emotion or concern, and hands out contracts on others lives without empathy.

(These roles only appear in the episodes listed for the first half of the season)

Sean Bingsley (Episode 1) Any Ethnicity (Non African American) Male, Mid 30’s to late 50’s, In his last moments interacting with James before his life ends. He cries profusely and places a call to his daughter on the phone.

Elliot Stokes (Episode 1) Any Ethnicity (Non African American) Male, Late 30’s to late 50’s, Exits the shower to encounter James awaiting him. He resists and fights with James but is still overcame and killed. Doesn’t speak English, but understands the situation and fights for his life.

Chris (Episode 1, 2 / season 2) Any Ethnicity (Non African American) Male, mid 30’s to mid 40’s, friend of John who asks him for a favor, and compensates John with cash. A slick type guy who seems to look out for himself first; a low life type with a little class.

Manny (Episode2,3 / second half of season) Any Ethnicity (Non African American) Male, Late 20’s to late 30’s, John comes to his house to pick up a package. He recognizes something John has that a friend use to have. He gets into an altercation with John and ends up dead.

Barnes (Episode2, 3) Any Ethnicity (Non African American) Male, late 30’s to mid 40’s, preferably short, business man who goes to visit a woman at night. He returns to find himself facing Rico, and becomes a victim of Rico’s insanity.
Thomas (Episode 2) Any Ethnicity, male early twenties to late thirties, personal driver of Mr. Barnes, who is ambushed and killed by Rico.

Thug Men (3) (Episode 4) Any
Ethnicities, Any Ages above 18yrs old, these three men try to trap Rico in an alley, and get more than they bargained for.

Hired Man (Episode 5) Any Ethnicity, mid twenties to late forties, hired by James to fabricate a story to get angie away from his brother John.

Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email: rawjuc@aol.com

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