ABC ‘Duets’ Singing Conpetition


ABC is launching a new reality singer competition “Duets” for the summer of 2012.

ABC is now holding auditions for ‘Duets’ and they are looking for aspiring, amateur singers nationwide. The new show will give singers a chance to partner up with professional singers and music superstars.

Whats new and unique in this singing competition is that the singers will not be on their own. The aspiring singers will each be guided towards the grand prize by a music industry professional who will help them grow as a vocalist and performer. The contestants will all be competing on national TV in hopes of winning the recording contract that is put up as the show’s grand prize.

Do you want to sing with KELLY CLARKSON, JENNIFER NETTLES, LIONEL RICHIE or ROBIN THICKE? Are you an aspiring amateur singer? Have you always wanted a music career but life kept getting in the way? Do you know you have the talent to make it big but just need that big break? Do you want one of our four Superstars to guide you to a record deal grand prize? We are currently on a nationwide search for the next breakout amateur singers to partner up with one of our four Superstars in ABC’s Summer Singing Competition Show, Duets!

To apply for Duets, please email In the subject line of your email submission be sure to list the Superstar you’d like to partner with (KELLY CLARKSON, JENNIFER NETTLES, LIONEL RICHIE or ROBIN THICKE). Your email submission should include the following:

– Name, age, occupation, location
– Contact information (phone number & email)
– 2 recent photos
– Brief description of your singing ability and why you want to sing with your specific Superstar.

You MUST be at least 18 years old to participate.

4 thoughts on “ABC ‘Duets’ Singing Conpetition

  1. Dariece Bailey

    I’m a 16 year old girl, who’s trying to achieve her dreams and life time goals of singing. Singing is my heart beat and my joy. My family is founded off of singing, and I intend on making it grow, one note at a time.

  2. Raymond Edwards

    Brief description: I have a hidden desire to take my singing ability to an international stage level. I have the raw talent but never felt the need to take it further, as I made other choices within my creative endeavor. I did a little stage performances earlier in my life – on a professional level. I also have had the opportunity to work in a studio setting. I have family members who’ve became pop stars – Rozalla Miller, “Everybodys Free!” (; My Brother, Alton Edwards, “I Just Wanna Spend Some Time With You” (, Warren Mills, “Sunshine” ( I would like to sing with Kelly Clarkson, because I feel my voice fits her vocal range like a glove. I also, dig her personality and appreciation for the amateur wanting to grow within this industry. It would be an honor to work with her. I feel the same for Jennifer Nettles, but she already won in the last show! I feel I could be a great choice for Kelly.

  3. Simaima Taholo

    My Name Bridget Taholo! I go by Simaima! I’m 18, born in Orlando, Florida! Raised in Salt Lake City Utah! I’m one out of 2 kids! I’ve been singing every since I could talk! Raised by a single mother (whom I love so much lol) that’s not to supportive, but I still continue to pic up my guitar and sing everyday! I’d love the opportunity to be given the chance of a life time and show the world that i’m not just some Polynesian girl who has a huge family and crazy hair!! Lol I’m here to prove myself!

  4. genipher williams

    Me and my sister samantha would love to due a duet thanks so much


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