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Afterimages Online Audition
Mythopolis Pictures ( is currently holding ONLINE auditions for our new
feature horror movie, AFTERIMAGES. That’s right, you get to show us your acting talent in the
comfort of your own home, or wherever you feel gives you the most inspiration!

Here’s all you have to do:
? – Download the audition scripts below and choose any of the characters to play.
? – Get a hold of a good camera with video and audio recording capabilities or your computer’s
web cam.
? – Record a short introduction of yourself (anything – we just want to know your name and see
your personality)
? – Perform your chosen character.
? – If you’d like to audition for more than one character, you must put them in separate videos.
? – Upload this video onto Youtube with this title format: AFTERIMAGES AUDITION: +
? – SHARE the video link with us on!
? – And that’s that. All you have to do now is wait for our call if we have shortlisted you!

This online audition is open to EVERYONE. So yes, wherever you are in the world and if you feel
that you fit in any of the audition roles, upload away!

Note: Must be fluent in English.

Alternatively, you may send in your headshot resume to our email at

The online audition runs until October 11th, 11.59pm (GMT +8)

Some more things to note about the video:
? – Time Limit: Please aim to keep the video short.
? – Audio: Wherever you plan to shoot your video, please keep in mind that the audio has to be
CLEAR enough for
us to hear you. A quiet room is best.
? – Video: Your surrounding area must be evenly lit and bright. We’d recommend having a large
source of light in
front of you such as near a window.
? – It is recommended to dress up as close you can to the character you are playing.
? – To qualify as an audition entry you need to upload it to YouTube or Facebook and SHARE the link on Uploading on Youtube alone does NOT automatically qualify you. You will need to post the link of your video on our Facebook wall… so we can watch it!

? – Music tracks are not allowed in your video.
? – Please follow this title format for your video: AFTERIMAGES MOVIE AUDITION –

About Afterimages:
Afterimages is a feature horror movie set in an Asian metropolitan city. A group of film
students burn cameras as offerings to the dead and in return receive a collection of footage
from hell in the form of short horror movies. Each short horror movie is inspired from South-
East Asian urban legends and myths such as vengeful spirits of drowned victims and references
Hungry Ghost Festival beliefs.
The film will be shot entirely in Singapore in late 2012 and early 2013. If you are selected, we will
cover transport, airfare, accommodations and, of course, your acting fee.


RYLEE – Male or Female, early 20s, Writer/Student, full-Chinese or mixed, Introspective, creative
and a bit socially reserved, trendy, indie, bohemian vibe, reads a lot:

CAMERON – Male or Female, early 20s, open to all races, film student, keen observer, indie,
creative, ambitious but usually quiet, androgynous:

DEUCE – Male or Female, early 20s, Business Student, independent, forward, condescending,
somewhat manipulative:

TESS LING – Female, early 20s, Actress/Student, beautiful teen/early 20s model, pixie, teased hair,
time spent on look, indie but pastel style, Opinionated, appears confident, but insecure: http://

DEREK TOR – Male, early 20s, film student, handsome, clean cut, artsy, conservative upbringing,
eager, earnest, ambitious, leader, decisive:

Facebook: Twitter: @aihorror
Disclaimer: Mythopolis Pictures reserves to the right to amend the audition details without prior

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: submit online

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