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location: New York, NY

Category: Web series

Life Bytes is a student directed and written web show out of Columbia University. Because this is an ongoing web show, actors must be committed to at least a semester long filming schedule (hopefully a full year)!

Logline: Turns out that love, friendship, and just about everything else is not so easy for a bunch of college students in the digital age. I mean, let’s face it, no matter what the technology, Life Bytes.


Chandler Morris (20/21) – female – The leading character and writer of the infamous Life Bytes blog; cute in a quirky way; the type of girl who spends her nights writing stories of romance but is too scared to actually take a risk

Brittany Sheridan (21/22) – female – an all-American beauty with a free-spirit and a “hippie” mentality; the type of girl with flowers in her hair and a philosophy book in her hand

Tiffany Sherwood (21/22) – female – exotically beautiful but with a bit of a mean streak; the type of girl who will compliment your outfit and in the same breath insult you

Brent Harrison (20/21) – male – the typical “nice guy” and super cute; the type of guy who becomes your best friend and you never suspect will hurt you but somehow does

Jeremy Blair (21/22) – male – the playboy and a total hottie; athletically built; the type of guy that promises to call but, let’s face it, you both know he won’t

Lawson O’Donnell (20/21) – male – a bit of a nerd but still cute; tall and lanky; the type of guy who spends his nights playing video games and reading comic books

Wren Carlyle (18/19) – male – a well-dressed freshman with a love for musical theatre, boy bands, and romance novels; the type of guy who you can go shopping with, vent about boys with, and still cuddle with

Because this is a student production, payment cannot be provided however, there will be snacks on filming days and actors will be able to use the footage as part of a reel. Filming will primarily take place on and around Columbia University’s campus.

Auditions will be September 29th from 10am – 5pm at Columbia University. Please email me, EML2165@COLUMBIA.EDU, and I’ll provide more audition details. If you are interested but are unable to make the audition date, please email and I will try to set up an individual audition time!

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: New York, NY
Contact email:

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