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location: London

Category: Docu-series

We are looking for ”Actors & Extras” for our short film-mockumentary

This is a very comical mockumentary that encompasses some of the modern day culture. However we are still looking for the following characters: –

White Male –
Ex-model, French Speaking, Black Hair, Definitive facial features, minimum height 6ft

White Male –
Mediterranean look, can either speak Spanish or Italian, preferably Spanish.

White Female –
Blonde hair, Slim physique, minimum height 5ft 8inches

If you do not fit the profile for these main characters, we do still have other roles available.

If would like more information on this project and would like to be involved and star in our mockumentary please send your details, profile pictures, and any examples of your work to

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: London
Contact email:

One thought on “Actors and Extras for series – London

  1. Anna Nimous

    Not exactly a white blonde female, but still the slim physique and height of 5 ft 11, I’d love to get involved.


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