Extras for Music Video – Los Angeles / Orange County


Casting Extras
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location: Anaheim/Los Angeles

Category: Music Video

We are looking for about 20 extras for a night scene on a backlot in Anaheim. Should be a lot of fun and will be giving away 2 older (yet working) TV’s to 2 extras via a raffle.

Please respond ONLY IF AVAILABLE the afternoon through the night of October 15.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Anaheim/Los Angeles
Contact email: admin@workingbrilliantly.com

2 thoughts on “Extras for Music Video – Los Angeles / Orange County

  1. Priscilla Ortiz

    I am a struggling actress in need of a job

  2. Carina Perez

    14 yr old girl looking to build up my resume.


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