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location: Los Angeles, CA area

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Casting for Ira Levin’s DeathTrap

Sidney is a professional looking Caucasian man 40 – 60 years of age. He is physically fit and well groomed with no facial hair. He looks as though he could be ex-military, and has the ability to offer both a look of total confusion as well as a dreadful look of doom. Must be physically able to handle some minor stage fighting, lift up to 150lbs of dead weight, follow directions well, and memorize massive numbers of lines. Sidney is a playwright who has hit a dry spell and cannot seem to find a new idea for a successful production.
Myra is an extremely attractive Caucasian female 28 – 36 years of age with long hair. She is physically fit, very seductive looking, and able to lift 50lbs or more. Must be able to play a seductress, a paranoid ditz, and a devilish schemer, and follow directions well. Myra has a heart condition and is easily upset, she is the spoiled and kept younger wife of Sidney, but may well have a scheme or two of her own.
Cliff is a very strong and handsome Caucasian male 18 – 24 years of age with a clean-cut look. Must have strong physical features, be able to lift 150lbs of dead weight, able to memorize a massive number of lines, follow directions well, handle minor stage fighting, and appear innocent, seductive, boyish, and devilish. A college student who has come up with an inspiring and intelligent idea for a stage show and admiring the works of Sidney Bruhl, he seeks out Sidney’s assistance on his work, but he has other plans up his sleeve as well.
Helga is a female 50 – 70 years of age with a sense of mystery and menace. Must be physically fit, be able to interpret a sorceress or psychic well, and follow directions well. Helga is a famous psychic who is house sitting for a home near the Bruhl’s. Being something of a busy body and sensing that there is something very dangerous afoot, she visits the Bruhl home more often than they desire.
Porter is a business man 50 – 70 years of age with a sense of both professional etiquette as well as mischievous trouble maker. Must be willing to follow directions well. Porter is the attorney and accounting representative of Sidney Bruhl. He is also Sidney’s friend, or so Sidney thinks, and checks in on him to make sure he is all right. But Porter has a plan or two of his own that could be just as terrifying as anyone else.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles, CA area
Contact email: [email protected]

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