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Ripple Effect
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location: Dallas, TX

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AUDITIONS June 11 in Dallas! Submit and we will schedule a meeting. This is not an open casting call, but by individual submission only. Email photos and info to [email protected]

This will be filmed right here in Texas. The right woman for each role must be open minded and not self conscious. This is a dramatic film with mature themes.

If you are interested and want to schedule a meeting with us while we are in town, then send an email with photos to the address here. We will contact you directly to set an appointment. Again, this is not an open casting call, but by appointment only.

Beth is fresh out of highschool. She is from a very conservative upbringing and has lived a very sheltered life. She starts setting out to discover who she is during her first year of college… she dabbles in sex, parties, drinking, etc.

Laurie is a college grad who thought everything was falling into place according to her plan.. that is until she realized she had no job and was done with school. She decides maybe she has played it too safe for too long…

Sam is a professional woman who is going through a divorce. She married her high school sweetheart and thought life was great. Then all hell broke loose. She is now rethinking all her decisions through life and deciding that she will no longer have regrets. She is embracing a new way of life and deciding that fun is ok.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Dallas, TX
Contact email: [email protected]

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