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location: Orlando, Fl

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A Short Horror/Comedy

Two boys go on a bloody rampage after their seemingly crazed neighbor gives them some secret-service juice boxes.

Agreement : SAGIndie Short Film Agreement. Union and non-union talent can audition.
Distribution : Film Festivals followed by online
Shooting Location : Orlando and Winter Park, Fl
Pay : Deferred
Benefits : Digital copy of final edit, IMDB credit when a qualifying film festival selection is gained
Shooting Schedule : July 20-27 2012
Submissions : Please email headshot and resume to [email protected] Please submit taped auditions via YouTube, YouSendIt etc.

We aim to submit this film for Orlando’s Freak Show Film Festival ( October 26-28th 2012, and other IMDB-qualifying film festivals until it gets accepted. We will then make the film available for online viewing.
We will be auditioning thru June 17th and shooting in Orlando July 20-27 2012.

[STANTON] Male. Any ethnicity. Can portray 40’s-60’s. Seemingly crazy special-ops veteran who lives next door to Billy. Tattoos/beard/ponytail/scars/disabilities ok. Dark/manic demeanor. LEAD.
[HIGGINS] Male. Any ethnicity. Can portray 40s-60’s. Government agent disguised as a handyman. 5 scenes, 4 lines.
[BOWDAN] Male or female. Any ethnicity. Can portray 40s-60’s. Government agent disguised as a mail carrier. Access to a uniform a plus. 5 scenes, 5 lines.
[KIDS – 5 named roles] Male or female. Any ethnicity. Can portray 10-12. Plays baseball. Gets beaten to death with a baseball bat. Must be ok working with fake blood, FX makeup. Ability to cry a plus. Each role has 3-4 scenes, 4-6 lines.

Sides are available here:

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Orlando, Fl
Contact email: [email protected]

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