Actors Wanted Philadelphia, PA


Casting notice posted on, casting location: Philadelphia, PA

Call Elisha with more info on this show including audition location at

Audition dates May 5th.

Please bring headshots/resume.

Submission deadline:May 4th.

1) Donald
Appearance: 21-23 years old, Black male, dresses like a Philly hipster.
Background: Graduated from Temple University recently, does odd jobs until he can figure out what to do with his degree. Best friends with Charlie.

2) Charlie
Appearance: 24-26 years old, White male, dress is a mix of hipster and urban
Background: The oldest of the group. Tries to function as the mentor of the group but the others don’t take his advice to heart. Best friends with Donald.

3) Audrey
Appearance: 20-24 years old, White female, dresses with eclectic style and at times can appear disheveled.
Background: Friends with Donald from college. Works as a nanny, despite having a very lax attitude about the children she watches.

4) Penelope “Penny”
Appearance: 20-24 years old, Latina female, dresses fashionably
Background: Hard-working, works in event promotion for music venues.

5) Anand (minor character)
Appearance: 20-22 years old, Indian male, style of dress is collegiate
Background: Recent college grad, a little naïve.

6) Andre (minor character)
Appearance: 21-23 years old, Black male, stocky build, dresses urban/casual
Background: Good friends with Donald.

Casting Location: Philadelphia, PA
Contact email:

2 thoughts on “Actors Wanted Philadelphia, PA

  1. Manny Avila

    Very interested in playing Charlie.. If not then Anand. Please contact, thanks.

  2. Glenn Givens

    really think I could pull off the role of Donald.


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