Prank or Tank It Project


Casting notice posted on, casting location: Philadelphia, PA
Casting Call
Submission Deadline: 04-27-12
Audition Date: 04-28-12 Saturday and 04-29-12 Sunday
Audition Times: 5pm to 9pm
Audition Location: Center City Philadelphia (TBD)

*Email Director –Mick Huang with 1) Brief Resume 2) Headshot 3) Your contact information or Call him directly for more info

Show Description:
3 Friends very comfortable with each other always love to prank each other. Happy to be on TV, they will take the pranks to a new level and compete to see who is the ultimate prankster. Throughout the series the 3 friends undergo mini adventures bringing our audiences non-stop laughter in each episode.

Ages: 21 to 35 (all 3 males)
Tyler: Medium to Tall (fit or skinny)
Shy, quiet mostly, and especially nervous around women. Yet ladies find his shyness endearing. Blushes and stutters when embarrassed. He is more likely to flee from uncomfortable situations rather than confront it. Very used to being around his two buddies but gets comfortable being pranked.

Preston: Medium to Tall (fat or skinny or fit)
Daring, smart, witty guy who loves to be in the middle of the crowd making them all laugh. He is a big fan of “fight club” and secretly obsessed with Jersey Shore. Loves to be around his two buddies and loves to prank them constantly trying to get them to shake their composure.

Evan: Short to Medium (fat or fit)
He is very competitive and doesn’t like giving up trying for what he wants. When he sets his mind to something, he doesn’t care about humiliation. He is also an animal-lover with a sense of humor. He knows both of his buddies loves being around him and he enjoys it.

Support Roles: 19 to 45 (Female and Male)
Need Six different support roles, each with 1 scene in 1 episode. The support roles vary from nonchalant roles to hyperactive roles. Certain support roles engage in arguments with 1 of the 3 characters. While some support roles connect with 1 of the 3 characters.

Extras: (18 to 50) (Female or Male)
Need 10 extras

Casting Location: Philadelphia, PA
Contact email:

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