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New Stage Play – Casting Call Auditions Saturday December 29 & Sunday December 30th 2-4pm 1910 S. Calumet Chicago 708. 969. 6832 to schedule audition.

Need four African American Males to play characters between the ages of 29-35 roles are Dr., Ex-Convict, Drug Dealer and Irresponsible Father.

One African American Female to play wife and mother age 27-35.

One African American Female to play age 55+ grand mother and caretaker.

One African American Female to play age 12-16 pregnant teenager.

A dramatic stage play that tells the story of four African American men coming to terms with their displacement and disenfranchisement within their families and communities.
After finding themselves dealing with the harsh reality of their life’s circumstances and choices, they realize they have not been living up to the necessary standard of men needed
by their families, communities or themselves. As they face these new challenges they come together as friends and resolve to be stronger and better men.

“Shells Beyond the Shore” is a thought provoking story that speaks undeniable truths relative the everyday challenges and experiences of many black men. It is a play the reflects upon the inner beauty, strength, love and courage of the black man and allows their lights to shine.

Roy Finch — Unemployed ex-convict lives with his grandmother and handicap younger brother plays victim to keep from taking
on responsibility. Becomes a best selling Author, recites poetry throughout the play. Character must be able to sing.

Keith Abernathy — Married Podiatrist cheats on his wife with multiple women verbally abusive towards wife, feels he is a good
father to his son. Eventually realizes by not being a good husband his not representing his role well as a husband and father to
his son. Re-evaluates his marriage and action and convinces his wife not to leave him. Character must be able to sing.

Kenny (Knee-Hi) Price — Addicted to Marijuana, selfish, immature and lazy, has four illegitimate children he doesn’t support. Finds
himself being a full time parent and forced to raise two of his children after their mother becomes sick. Realizes his actions may have
caused them more harm than good and decides to man up and bear responsibility for his kids becomes a firefighter

Carl Blake III — Neighborhood drug dealer long-term relationship with two kids does not want to commit to family. Has a change of heart
after his 13 year old daughter gets caught with drugs for her boyfriend who she is also pregnant by. Decides to invest the drug money in the community.

Tiffany Abernathy – Wife of Keith mild mannered shows signs of abuse in her behavior and demeanor she is struggling with leaving her
husband despite of emotional abuse and cheating. Character must be able to sing.

Elise Blake — 13 year old daughter of Carl, rebellious know it all kind of kid. Has become pregnant, transports drugs and hides it from her family.

Gloria (Maw Maw) Davis – Grandmother of Lee-Roy, hard working religious, tell it like it is. Takes care of Lee-Roy and his handicap adult brother.

Production date early March , 2013 commission is percentage of ticket sales.

Must be available for rehearsals Wednesday and Sunday or Tuesday and Thursday beginning January 13th in South Loop area pm hours between 6 and 9pm .

Please send headshot and resume with your inquiries or responses.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Chicago
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