Atlanta Girl Group Audition

By | April 28, 2012

International Girl Group audition
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta
Hello there πŸ™‚
My name is Kiara/Keyera/Key. You can call me whatever. I’ve wanted to start a girl group for a while. The type of group I want to create is a rap/pop group. Someone like 2ne1 or F(x). Me being of mixed race (Indian, Black and Asian) I don’t discrimunate, all races are welcomed πŸ™‚

Age range: 13-18

Requirments:You don’t have to be able to sing like Mariah Carey, just make sure you sound good. If you think you sound good then you do πŸ™‚

Music style: Pop/Rap

Must have parental permission

Group leader: Not decided

Group name: Not decided

Number of members I’m looking for: 5-8

Influences: 2ne1, F(x), After School, Miss A, 4minute, Wonder Girls, Brown eyed girls

Please email me with your name, age, a video of you singing and/or dancing, and what position you want to have in the group. Thank you πŸ™‚

Casting Location: Atlanta
Contact email:

6 thoughts on “Atlanta Girl Group Audition

  1. Kiera

    Hi . Im Kiera Hixon . I can dance and I sing a little bit but I mostly rap . I live in LA but I will fly to Atlanta to audition. I’ve been looking for a group . Please email me back .

  2. morgan

    hey I would love to be in the group. I can dance and sing. I hav been looking for a group and I’m moving to atlanta this summer too.

  3. danielle

    Marie Rhodes I would love to be in your group.Can I please be in your group?

  4. marie rhodes

    hi my name is marie rhodes im 15 i hav a group of me and my close friend felicia smith we both live together we both are moving to atlanta this summer 2012 we both can sing very well we both can dance yes i see that you are looking for girls to be in a group but we already hav a group and if u havnt found anyone yet we would like to see if u would wont to join the name of our group is 2 hyped we are curently meeting a manager in atlanta this summer also if u wud like to join just give me a text at 202 717 9805 or give me a call 409 794 3415 or as u can see the url above u can reach me on facebook thanks


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