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Casting Call – Short Film Auditions July 14th 5-7pm
July 10th, 2012
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Casting for a narrative short shooting over one weekend in August.

Story concerns the very true bond between a father and son, found in an unexpected and unsanitary place.

JAKE (40-55)

Jake is a rundown recovering alcoholic, a trash man: he collects scrap metal and turns it in for cash. His 10 year old son has been assigned to his care after the death of the boy’s mother. Slovenly, gruff, but with a hidden intelligence and deep love for his son.

ARTIE (10-13)

Incredibly intelligent, quietly strong. He has lost his mother but is getting by with his father, in spite of their hardships.


Well intentioned social worker assigned to Arthur’s case. She is trying to check up on his well-being, despite the hidden and not-so-hidden hostility between her and Jake. She struggles to reconcile Jake’s love for his son with the conditions in which they live.

This is a one weekend shoot with a small crew. We are working with a microbudget – but unlike most microbudget productions, this film will be good. Written by a McKnight Fellowship recipient, with a director that has a strong history of festival play. This will get festival play.

Performers will receive the traditional copy/credit, on set food, and undying gratitude. You will also receive $50 flat for the weekend, to cover your transportation costs.

First round of auditions to be held Saturday, July 14th from 5-7PM, Lake Street in Minneapolis.

Please contact me with a headshot and reel/resume for more information and to schedule a time. Thank you.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contact email:

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