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location: Edison Valley Playhouse, 2196 Oak Tree Road, Edison, New Jersey

Category: Theater

8-10 PM

A Play by Sudipta Bhawmik
The play is about the wars that each one of us keep on fighting for our physical and emotional survival, especially for those of us who are the first generation immigrants to USA.
The story takes place in 2005 when Ron (Ranveer), son of an immigrant family (from India) and a member of the US National Guard, is stationed in Iraq to fight the war against the insurgents. Ron’s parents, Animesh and Shanti, although not happy with Ron’s decision to join the Guard, respected Ron’s wishes to serve his nation. However, Ron’s deployment to active duty in Iraq has been a constant cause for tension and anxiety in the family. Surojit Biswas, a visiting journalist from India, wants to write a book about Ron and his motivations to serve the US Army. On the day of the play at a barbeque party, while Ron’s parents are eagerly waiting for a phone call from their son, Surojit questions Animesh and his guests about their loyalty, their beliefs and their fundamental moral values. The party rapidly goes into a tailspin with each character exposing their own secret wars they have been fighting all along.

Although the roles are South Asian characters, casting is open to all who may be able to play these parts.

Auditioners may come prepared with a 2 min monologue (but is not a must).
They will also be asked to read from sides.

Ron: (20-22 years, male) Son of Indian immigrant parents and is a serving member of the US National Guard. A loving and sensitive boy, Ron is deployed in Iraq, from where he tells us the story about his family and friends. (ALREADY CAST)

Animesh: (Late fifties, early sixties, male) First generation Immigrant from India and has been living in this country for more than thirty years, Animesh still has not been able to assimilate completely into the melting pot that is USA. A highly educated person, Animesh is an Electrical Engineering Professor at the local state university. A loving father, an excellent host, and a soft spoken person, Animesh hides some deep secrets behind a happy facade.

Shanti: (Late fifties, female) Ron’s mother, also a first generation Indian immigrant, she has been a homemaker most of her married life. A very social person, she is like the elder sister of the community. Shanti is proud that her son is serving his country, but deep down she is scared.

Nando: (Early fifties, male) Nando is an immigrant from Bangladesh. Nando lost his entire family during the Bangladesh liberation war when he was only a ten year old child. A happy go lucky and an extremely friendly and helping person, Nando carries some deep wounds that he wants
desperately to heal.

Bidisha: (Mid twenties, female) Bidisha, has moved to USA from India after his marriage with Tanmoy less than 2 years ago. Bidisha, currently pregnant, is still trying to get acquainted with the American ways of life. She feels lonely and sometimes helpless in this foreign land, except when she meets Ron – with whom she has developed an unusual bond of friendship. Today she is invited to Animesh and Shanti’s house for a Baby shower, where Ron has promised to call and wish her.
Tanmoy: (Late twenties, early thirties, male) Tanmoy, a self centered computer engineer, came from India for higher studies and is now in the process of getting his green card. His marriage with Bidisha was arranged by his parents and he claims that he has done a favor to Bidisha by marrying her and giving her the opportunity to accompany him to USA.
Pragya: (Mid fifties, female) A pediatrician by profession, Pragya is a person of high spirits and energy. A divorced single woman, Pragya keeps herself busy with her patients and with her outrageous social and cultural projects. Like recently, she has sponsored Surojit’s trip and has commissioned him to write a book about Ron – to tell the world about the sacrifices of an Indian American boy and his family.
Surojit: (Mid fifties, male) Now a well known journalist in India, Surojit has been a doctor in his early life and a friend of Pragya during their college days. A flamboyant and haughty character, Surojit is sometimes quite obnoxious when he tries to get a point across. But is this only a facade to cover up some deep distress?

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Edison Valley Playhouse, 2196 Oak Tree Road, Edison, New Jersey
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