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location: Denver, CO

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“First Time”, a short Gothic horror film, is in pre-production, and looking for talented actors for a two to three day shoot in the Boulder, Colorado area in the fall of 2012. Some pre-visualization shooting will be done to demo the film and produce a pre-shoot “trailer” or demo film for financial backers.

Auditions will be held at Boulder Digital Arts in August and September of 2012.

Please submit your resume and up-to-date headshot for review. Reels or links to reels are not necessary, but may be included.

You will be notified of the in-person audition dates and times once selected. In-person auditions will be a mixture of cold reading, directed reading and a 1-2 minute prepared piece.

Actors without previous film experience are welcome, and encouraged to submit as well.

If you submit, please be indie-friendly. This production is a fun time making a short horror film, and there are no major perks other than having fun with your friends and the satisfaction of making a great film. All drama should be on the set, not off it.

The running time of the project is approximately six minutes, and shooting will include both studio and outdoor locations. Shooting on location will occur primarily at night, and the outdoor locations may be away from standard conveniences during the shoot.

As a horror film, this production involves partial nudity, graphic situations, homoerotic undercurrents and violent themes, as well as some bloody effects and supernatural elements.

Roles are all paid $100 per shoot day, and vary between 1-3 shooting days. Taped and untaped rehearsals, pre-visualization shooting for promotion, and other non-shoot time are unpaid. These may add up to another 2-3 days.

Markus – Lead – Male, 18+ to play late teens, open to any ethnicity. This role involves partial nudity. Innocent, winsome, young for his age, Markus is a hitchhiker on his own.

Benjamin – Lead – Male, 18+ to play 30s-50s, open to any ethnicity. Benjamin is a grizzled, old-man-of-the-mountain type, the stranger you should stay away from.

The Girl – Featured – Female, 18+ to play early 20s, open to any ethnicity. This role involves scant dress/partial nudity. She is pretty, terrified and doomed.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Denver, CO
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  1. Alyssa Cheever

    My name is Alyssa Cheever and I am very interested in “the girl” role. I am almost 16 years old but I look older than I am and I have previous acting experience. I would love to audition for your film, thank you very much for this opportunity.


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