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location: St. Louis, Southern Illinois and Surrounding areas

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INTO THE COLD NIGHT is a short film with a running time of between 11 – 15 minutes. This production has an experienced crew. The goal is to enter this film into 1 or more film festivals nationwide.

Copy, credit, meals and pay for the actors. 1-2 days of paid rehearsal and 2-3 days of paid filming. Filming will take place in late December 2012 or in January 2013, pending schedules.

AUDITION INSTRUCTIONS: Please email your submission to In your email, please include:
1. Headshot or photos (including full body photos, if possible)
2. A resume with acting credits. If no prior experience, not a problem.
3. Role you would like to audition for.
4. Area you live in. Don’t need exact address.
5. You are welcome to include videos of any of your prior performances or of you performing a dramatic monologue. This is not necessary, but it is helpful.

Once the email submissions are reviewed, some actors will be contacted to audition in person. Date of the audition is TBD. At the audition, actors will be asked to perform a dramatic monologue and/or read from the script.

RORI – Lead role. 16 to 18 years old. (The actress can be older than 18 as long as she looks younger.) Rori is a pretty girl who wants so desperately to be a woman. She puts on heavy makeup and dresses maturely so as to keep the interest of her older boyfriend, Nick. Rori believes that she has found true love with Nick, but doesn’t realize that the feeling isn’t mutual. Her focus is on appearances rather than being a good role model for her sister, Lacy, until she learns a valuable lesson.

LACY – Lead role. 6 to 8 years old. (The actress can be older as long as she looks between 6 and 8 years old.) Lacy is a sweet, innocent girl who wants to look up to her sister, but Rori doesn’t treat her well and takes her for granted.

NICK – Supporting role. 25 – 35 years old. Rori believes that Nick is in love with her, but Nick only wants Rori for a plaything.

MOM – Supporting role. 35 – 55 years old. Mom is the concerned parent of Rori and Lacy. She is stuck at a Christmas party, but wants to get back home to check on her children as soon as possible.

MASKED MAN – Supporting role. 30 – 60 years old and tall. The masked man kidnaps Lacy in the middle of the night. Or so Rori imagines. He is wearing a ski mask and long trench coat throughout filming, so the age of the actor isn’t extremely important.

Job type: Paid

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Casting Location: St. Louis, Southern Illinois and Surrounding areas
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