Casting bakers and home cooks with great recipes


New cooking reality show seeks people who can make an incredible special dish.

Are you a home baker or a home cook with an incredible recipe?

Are your family and friends constantly begging you to make your special dish?
Have you invented a completely new type of food item?
Do people tell you your product should be lining supermarket shelves and making millions?

The creators of Undercover Boss and Project Runway are now casting creative home cooks, foodies and entrepreneurs for a new reality series with a life changing prize package!??

If you’re ready to leap from a household cook to a household name, email us at and please include the following:

?• Your Full Name??

• The name of the City you’re currently living in??

• Your phone number??

• A clear picture (the more the better) of yourself??

• And a quick note describing your recipe or product? (the more descriptive the better)

. . .And a producer will get back to you.

One thought on “Casting bakers and home cooks with great recipes

  1. Denise Riley Wilson

    Hi, my name is Denise-Riley-Wilson and my Kalu girls are “TWEENS” trying to.. 1-cook fun & easy dishes, 2-have fun in the kitchen, 3-bond with parent(s) in the kitchen.. You will find us on You-Tube.. cooking with kalu. We are also in Junes issue of.. Tidewater Women’s newspaper. Also, we were in February’s Hampton Roads Show.. please reach.


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