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location: Orlando, Florida

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TEMPEST ENTERTAINMENT, INC. Production presents… “Autumn in Florida”


Casting for:
• GRACE HUDSON, Female, 30’s. Smart, cynical and a successful private caterer. Normally fresh faced, pretty but looking many years than her assigned thirty. Quick witted and passionate. GRACE loves to talk, drink, eat and complain.
• IRIS D’ORFINO, Female, 19 to 20’s. Lovely, satirical and cool. New Age waif. Which really translates in 2012 as a new generation of hippie, but with better fashion sense. IRIS is somewhat compulsive and cheery but quite direct.
• LIBBY WESTON, Female, 20’s to 30’s. Pretty, smart, willowy and neurotic to a fault. LIBBY is a romantic. Obsessively so. She is also has a tendency to confuse sexual one nighters as temporary filling for love. There’s a sexy, playful spark to her … and behind that a kind of innate wisdom.
• ARIEL BLOOM Female, 19 to 20’s. Lovely, adorable and sweet. Perhaps a tad naive at times. Jewish heritage. An aspiring writer. Dreamer. In spite the fact she’s the youngest member of the group, ARIEL seems more mature and retrospective.
• JULIAN DIEGO, Male, 20’s to 30’s. Thin, impeccably dressed in a fancy server uniform and black pants … and impeccably gay! There is absolutely no doubt about his gayness. In fact, his gayness creates new origins of understanding about the perimeters of homosexuality.
• NIKOS ANDROPOLOS, Male, 20’s to 30’s. Dark, handsome, warm and emotionally romantic. Athletic, charming and impulsive. Greek by origin. Even though his sexual exploits run a wide gamut, NIKOS longs for something real and genuine. He’s the kind of guy perpetually stick in the slow lane unable to find the exit.
• TOMMY DREYFUSS, Male, 20’s to 30’s. Lean, athletic, off-beat. Loves women, sports, women, food, women and most of all Tommy.
• DAVID JENOLEN, Male, 30’s. The intellect of the group. Droll. Dry. Wry observer of everyone’s life. A communist. Survives by way of his sense of humor.
• JIMMY HUTTON, Male, 20’s. Boyishly handsome, in a confused way. JIMMY has all the potential to be a genuine ladies man. However, one thing is preventing him from actually achieving this lusty endeavor … His clumsy insecurity.
• HARRY NARDO Male, 30’s. Struggling character actor. He’s competitive and funny, but his reasoning’s are a bit off. He’s also Grace’s ex-husband, which now explains a lot about her thought process.
• SHERMAN GARDENIA, Male 50’s to 60’s. He is a successful playwright, an academic man, who brings new meanings to the word eccentric. Even though he is of great age and slow moving, there seems to be a spark in his eyes. Very intelligent with a great sense of humor on life, kind of rumpled, feisty, irreverent and passionate. He’s a warm hearted man, who isn’t afraid of being an oddity. In fact, he celebrates it.
• OSCAR GOULD, Male 30’s to 40’s. Short and round with the shape and emotional velocity of a bullet. His passions are all near the surface.
• SANJEEV GIDWANI, Male, 20’s to 30’s. Indian, raffish, and dressed in a comfortable manner. SANJEEV is amiable, laid back with spiky hair.

Casting Dates:
November 17th, 2012. 1 pm to 9 pm

Shooting Dates:
February 8, 2013 to April 20, 2013

Full Sail 3F,
351 University Park Drive,
Winter Park, FL. 32792

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Orlando, Florida
Contact email:

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  1. david

    hi my name is David, I don’t have much experience but I give it my best shot. I speak Spanish and English. My height is 6’3, long hair to my shoulders, half American, half Hispanic.


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