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The Truth About the Morpho Anaxibia Stomachalis

Where: Orlando, FL

Type: Film

The Truth About the Morpho Anaxibia Stomachalis

A whimsical short about life, love, and butterflies.

The Truth About the Morpho Anaxibia Stomachalis chronicles the life of Lucas as he grows up through the trials of love, as seen through the lens of a scientific study on the phenomenon of butterflies in the stomach.

The project is written and directed by up-and-comer Marc Casilli, fresh from completing his feature film The Last Two Years of David Brachman.

Production takes place Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th.

Auditions will be held at Terncraft Studios in East Orlando on Saturday, April 20th.
Please email casting@thelasttwoyears.com for time & directions, and any additional questions.

Roles for consideration:

• YOUNG LUCAS, age ~8

A young boy who finds unrequited love.

• GROWN UP LUCAS, middle-aged

A grown-up version of the main character. Has a
quality of lonely tranquility.


The object of Lucas’ crush’s affection.

• LUCAS’ CRUSH, age ~8

Our main character’s classmate has stolen his

• CHILD EXTRAS, age ~8

Lucas’ classmates. They will be playing on a
playground on the morning of Saturday April 20th.

• LUCAS’ DATE, age ~14

A teenage girl who meets Lucas for an awkward date.

Payment: Non Paid
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City or Location of call: Orlando, FL
Please submit to: casting@thelasttwoyears.com

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  1. Jennifer Adeclat

    I have been wanting to act ever since i was 9 i played in plays like alice in the wonderland and i just wanted to go farther in my dream and i would love to do this film i am 14 turning 15 soon and i hope i could be in this film just give me a chance

    Thank you

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