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The “Train of Thought” project started developing since the beginning of June 2012. It started out as a small idea and broadened in scope and depth over time. Different college students gathered in support of this project at the beginning of this semester. Members of our executives include students from Emerson, NYU and Pratt. We are currently at the stage of pre-production and aim to begin production by the beginning of January 2013.

Hanna, a fourteen year old girl is going through a stage of great emotional distress; she doesn’t do well in school and her crippled father never meets up to her expectation. Not bearing to go on with her life any longer, Hanna decides to end her life

We are looking for actors and actress for the following roles.

Hanna: a skinny fifteen year-old girl who is harboring suicidal thoughts
Boy in Black: A part of Hanna that alludes to her suicidal thoughts
Hanna’s Dad: Hanna’s crippled father who feels guilty and tries to love and care for Hanna

There have been many films that dealt with issues of teenage suicide. However, they fail to fully understand the driving force that leads one to commit her or himself in such action. This film aims to portray three aspects of suicide determined by Edwin S. Sheneidman. We explore the concepts discussed in his studies and aim to spread the message of preventing suicide.

The interview will take place on November 17th in room 507, 5th floor, 18 W. 18th Street (Between 5th&6th Ave), New York, NY
Please send us your resume and headshot photo to We will then confirm the time slot with you.

The shooting will take place in NYC during winter break (January4-10).
This is a NON paying job. It is an independent film project created by college students in Emerson, NYU, and Pratt.

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