Casting Call for Student Film in Tucson


location: Tucson, Arizona

Category: Student Films

Short film

Tuesday, November 6th from 5-8pm in Harvill 104, University of Arizona Campus
Sides will be available for a cold reading at audition. Actors may prepare an additional monologue, if desired. Auditions will be video taped for director’s reference.

Directed by Fiona Foster
Produced by Laura Snow and Tierney Formanek

ESPERANZA, 16-22 (to play 19)
Originally from Mexico City, Esperanza is a stubborn, independent young woman traveling to visit her family in Tucson. Esperanza is smart and tuned into her surroundings, but struggles to find her way in a foreign country. She quickly learns to adapt when she discovers that her language barrier creates unforeseen challenges during her journey. LEAD ROLE – MUST BE FLUENT IN SPANISH.

FRANK, 45-65 (to play 50)
Scruffy and worn out, Frank is struggling to find happiness after a family separation has left him quite lonesome. When he picks up Esperanza, she stirs up old emotions about his own daughter, forcing him to cope with his unsettled emotions about their relationship. Despite his past hardships, his interaction with Esperanza reawakens his kind spirit. LEAD ROLE

BIG JOE, 45-55 (to play 50)
A proud employee of Patty Palace, Big Joe appreciates the simple things in life. He’s more concerned with his own situation and happiness, preferring to keep out of others’ business. However, his personality is as loud as his mouth, and he’s not afraid to share his opinion, even if it’s ill-informed. He has spent many years working at a greasy burger joint alongside his son, Joe Jr. SUPPORTING ROLE

JOE JR, 22-25 (to play 23)
This is Big Joe’s son, who is a younger version of him in many ways, from his loud mouth to his choice of employment. Joe Jr, however, is more optimistic and naïve, and has a hard time keeping out of other people’s business. SUPPORTING ROLE

While traveling, Esperanza’s language barrier lands her stranded in the desert after taking bad advice from two strangers on the bus. With no other options, Esperanza accepts a ride from an older man with unclear intentions, later to discover his kind but lonely heart.

Producer, Laura Snow –
Producer, Tierney Formanek –
Writer/Director, Fiona Foster –

Job type: Non Paid

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