Casting Call for Student Music Video – Georgia

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Alpharetta/Roswell, GA
To Whom It May Concern,

We are in production of a music video for the song “Shoplifting” by Tristan Davis-Jung. (

We are looking for a teenage female, around fifteen years old (or looks around fifteen) to play the female lead in the video.

In the video, the female, named Haley, will need to run throughout the rain with Tristan, go on a dinner date with Tristan, and get a chocolate bar stolen from a store by Tristan all in Tristan’s flashbacks. However, she begins to slowly disappear from the flashbacks.

There are no kissing scenes… but your lips come close to touching.

*MUST PROVIDE OWN WARDROBE – One Dress, Two Outfits of Casual Clothing*

We would like to clarify that the director of the music video, Zack Hosseini, is a high school student. However, he is an award-winning professional filmmaker who is listed on IMDB and has been featured on television news programs.

To see some of Zack Hosseini’s other productions, to get a sense of the kind of film you’ll be a part of, please go to

If you are interested, please email your headshots (and resumes, if available) to

Casting Location: Alpharetta/Roswell, GA
Contact email:

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