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Casting Notice
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Students attending Compass College of Cinematic Arts are casting “Corruption”, a 5-minute short film about a man (Mikey) who is ordered by the Mob boss of Chicago to make a hit, eliminating a disloyal snitch. The target is the Mikey’s own father. The mob boss considers Mikey to be a son. Completing the task at hand will ensure his survival, prove his loyalty and offer continued protection of his life. Although his father is responsible for the death of Mikey’s brother, betraying his own blood is not something Mikey is accustomed to.
Shooting will take place on one or two days between the dates of November 5th-7th 2012 in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

The specific dates and times will be determined based on cast/location/crew availability.


Mikey: Late 20’s- Right Hand man of Italian Mob Boss, average looks, with a bit of roughness, LEAD;

Tony: early to late 50’s- Most powerful mob boss in Chicago, stocky, ruthless, unyielding. Slight compassion for his own blood and a few loyal others, MAIN SUPPORTING ROLE;

Man/Father: Late 40’s to early 50’s, resentful man, trying to build a relationship with his lost son, Mikey. Wants a position of power, with his son by his side as his second, SUPPORTING ROLE;

Mobster: Late 20’s, sleek and sly, with a shady and untrustworthy vibe, SUPPORTING ROLE;

Bodyguard 1: Early to mid 20’s, Burly Italian looking man, Possibly distant relation to the boss. Bodyguard 1 does not have any dialogue. NON-SPEAKING ROLE;

Bodyguard 2: Early to mid 20’s, Burly Italian looking man, Possibly distant relation to the boss. Bodyguard 2 has one line. SMALL SUPPORTING ROLE;

Note: All roles will require an Italian gangster-style accent.
Auditions will be held the week of October 29th in Grand Rapids, MI. Details will be given to interested talent.
Please send headshot, résumé and additional contact information by Oct. 25th to with subject line “Corruption casting Call”.
Prepare to cold read. This is a non-paying job. However, a copy of the finished film, credit, and meals will be provided.

Job type: Non Paid

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Casting Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
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