Casting Call – TEN: B-movie psychological thriller (paid) (Somerville, MA)


location: Boston, MA

Category: Film

Principal photography takes place December 6-14 on location. (There will be some additional shooting for pick-ups and possibly some prior shoots, but nearly all of the shooting will take place during that period.) Anyone involved will need to be available for that whole period and should expect to be on site 24 hours a day.

This is a very low budget, non-union shoot, but cast and crew will all be paid some amount (stipend) for work on the film. The choices of cast and crew will be partly based on experience and ability, and most of all, based on our predictions of reliability, dedication, and cooperativeness.

The movie consists of ten and only ten cast members, all women. I consider each role to be a principal role (though some likely technically fall more in a “supporting” category). Some may even be half-duration shoots. There are no extras. There are scenes of intense violence/terror. There are no scenes of a direct sexual nature. Because of the setting and time period for the film, most likely, we’ll be casting actresses with no tattoos or piercings, or at least none that are difficult to conceal, as well as a natural (or natural-looking) hair color. All roles require contact with latex, ability to wear a mask, and potentially being covered in fake blood.

Roles still casting (looking for actresses who look ages 18-40):
-Actress – ex: Google image search for “famous 70s actresses”
-Model – 5’8″+, thin, narrow shoulders, one scene includes water submersion for brief periods (not physically held underwater), requires nudity
-Religious zealot – conservative appearance, will not be wearing makeup, one scene includes inverted suspension
-Coed – ex:, requires nudity
-Wall Street Financial Investor – strong, commanding appearance
-Doctor – glasses, conservative looking, with makeup

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, let us know what experience you have, what role you see yourself most suited for, and send along some photographs/videos. We will take applications until approximately September 10th and then start bringing selected people in for auditions. If you are interested, e-mail and

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Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Boston, MA
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