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location: ATLANTA

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Auditions will be held for a student short on Thursday July 26th at The Art Institute of Atlanta, 6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA from 6pm – 10pm

Title: A Calhoun Sunday Dinner
Genre: Comedy
A young married couple decide to have Sunday dinner at their house. However when unexpected guests arrive the dinner turns for the worst.

Shooting Dates (best guess): August 11 – 12
Areas of Atlanta region you’re shooting in:
Shooting will be in the midtown area or downtown area.

Principal Characters – List complete info for each Principal Character as follows:
Character Name

Tisha Calhoun: Late late 20s or early 30s she’s the beautiful wife of Alton Jr, she’s stressed out about cooking for her husband’s family. She wants to impress her in-laws.

Momma Calhoun: 50s – 60s she’s a very bitter mother-in-law who thinks her sons could have done better than what they did in marriage.

Alton Sr. Calhoun: 50s – 60s male converted to a minister after spending three years in federal prison.

Anna Calhoun: Early to mid 30s she’s a very Christian woman who seems to be a little naive.

Bryant Calhoun: late 20s to early 30s, he has the bravado of an athlete even though his physically he looks more like an accountant, he’s married to Anna.

Randall: Mid 30s vulgar ex-boyfriend of Anna. He’s fallen on hard times.

Moonchild Calhoun: A devout vegan who has changed her name from Linda to Moonchild.

Clyde: 20 something flamboyantly gay man who’s in a relationship with Marcus.

Marcus Calhoun: 20 something gay male, he’s the son of Alton Sr.

Please email us to schedule your audition.

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Casting Location: ATLANTA
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