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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Raleigh
Casting Call for innovative short film! Looking for strong actors with diverse looks. We want actors who are excited and willing to be a part of something different! This short film will be a part of a series of films that will be put together to make a feature length film under Money Bay Productions. The style of the series is grimy and all about hot women who kill! The first film we are casting for is “Double Feature”, and the characters are as follows:
Gale: Any race, Mid-Twenties, Sweet and Innocent. Pretty girl next door type. Very adoring of her husband. Gale is the quintessential damsel in distress. Married to Robert.
Robert: Any race, mid-twenties, straight forward and a joker. Loves his wife. Good looking and very likeable guy. Married to Gale.
Denise: Caucasian, Mid to late-twenties, dark featured. Very strong personality type and very neat. She is a professional thief and is a master of breaking and entering family homes. Cara’s older sister.
Cara: Caucasian, Early to mid-twenties, fair featured. Uncontrollable and edgy. She is a master of breaking and entering but is reckless when it comes to “jobs” and her sister has to keep close watch on her because of her instability. Younger sister to Denise.
George and George’s wife: Any race, middle aged. Typical older next door neighbors. They keep an eye out for other’s in their neighborhood and slightly nosey.
To be considered for any of the parts please email a copy of your resume and headshots and any questions to, we will respond with the side for your corresponding character
Open casting will be May 19th at 11 am at The Antimatter Studio in Winston Salem NC, please have a short monologue prepared as well
Thank you,
Kimberly A. Woodruff
Casting Director, Money Bay Productions

Casting Location: Raleigh
Contact email:

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